Actionsampler - 0,66 Seconds of Action


When I first saw this camera I didn`t think I would ever get one, since I thought that the Supersampler would be better, But now that I have both I don`t think that way! Actually, I would probably tell a lomo-newbie to get both of them, starting with the Actionsampler!

The Lomography Actionsampler is a 35mm camera that takes 4 sequencial shots in about 0,66 secs, dividing the picture in four and capturing four diferent moments in each frame. It has no flash or hotshoe and you can`t change any of the settings. When you look at it you just find 4 (kinda) clear plastic lens, a wind knob and a button… and no viewfinder (wait… whats that plastic thingy there… ohh!!)!

It all started at the end of August, when I went looking for the (allready closed) LomoPorto store to see what kind of cameras and films they had. When I got to the place I found out that the store had allready closed, but that the new owners of the palce had some of their cameras and bags for sale. I looked about the store and found a lovely sidekick canvas bag that I couldnt resist (my trusty companion till this date), along side withsome other goodies that I couldnt afford and a battered and rusty looking Actionsampler. I asked the price for both, but the girl from the store told me that she didnt even know if the camera was still in working condition and proposed a deal to me: if I was willing to put a roll of film on the camera to test it and I took the bag she would give me the sampler for FREE!!! Of course that I couldnt resist the offer and after about 2 minutes fumbling with the film to get it inside the sampler I was off testing my new camera :-)

I finished my first film in about 40 minutes, while driving from the store to my house, and I have to say that the tack, tack, tack, tack it makes while taking a shot is just plain addictive! If you lose control of yourself you find that you finished an entire film in less then 30 minutes! Whenever you see movement you think “wow, what a great shot” and so you just keep pressing the button and winding the film with complete abandon… Beware, it will hurt your wallet a lot with the price of developping all those shots!!

So… why do I like this camera so much? Its fast, reliable and sturdy! It looks great (my 6 year old daughter just loves to use it) and its just plain simple to use!

What do you have to do to take great shots with it? Just make sure to choose the film well. You will need lots of light to get good pictures, so if you choose 100 ASA make sure you use the sampler in a clear summer day (snow will also work). If winter has arrived allready make sure to use it outdoors and use a speedy 400 or 800 ASA. And dont ever, ever forget to wind the film after taking a shot! Really! When you start using an Actionsampler your brain will speed up and your awareness for movement and action will go to unbelivably high levels and if you just let go of control you`ll find yourself taking a shot every 7-8 secs… for real!

Check out the Actionsampler microsite here

written by babo on 2008-11-13 #gear #fun #review #fast #35mm-camera #adiction #actionsampler


  1. tom_ashor_bhaan
    tom_ashor_bhaan ·

    yeah, cute action cam. i did just one roll with it but preparing for more

  2. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    very interesting story! why can't i find stores like that one? :p and great shots btw.

    parabéns! ;)

  3. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    if only i could find a deal like dat for an lc-a camera.hehe
    lovin the 11th shot!

  4. babo
    babo ·

    @ cinzinc
    Well... I went to that store cause I was told they sold a used LCA very cheap, and I was just checking if they had any left :-)

    @ paperdoll
    One day it will be your turn... and when that day arrives I`ll be the one saying... "Damn! Why can`t I ever find stores like that?" :-D

    @ everyone
    Well... thx for the comments :-)

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