Denise shoots with her inseparable Diana F+


“To play” for her is synonymous with “discovery”, a magic box from which you can always take out new emotions, new energies. We gave her a jewel casket from which to extract images, where she could impress her fleeting glance. She hasn’t been less poetic then she is with music. And here’s to you: Denise!

Can you tell the Lomography community a little bit about yourself ?
I’m 24, I’ve worked on a project named after me for 6 years, and my first album ‘Dodo, do!’ came out on October 26th, 2010. Playing has always been a continous discovery to me – and still is. A magic box from which I can always extract new energies and emotions. I’m truly passionate about art, including music, writing, photography.. whatever turns an instant into something everlasting fascinates me.

Which aspects of your music are analouge, and which are the qualities that make these elements better than digital ones?
My music consists mostly of acoustic instruments like guitar, cello, violin, piano, and it’s based on colours and sounds that definitely give their best in an analogue clef. I often use toys and I modify them with some circuit bending because in this way I can get particular sounds I like to work with, sometimes in digital as well. I think I can call myself ‘traditionalist’ about this, because I believe that every analogue thing keeps a better genuineness alive of both sounds and intentions.

Do you manage to live on your music? Do you consider yourself to be good or lucky?
Unfortunately, for now I don’t manage to live on it at all. In these artistic fields it is always more diffult (here in Italy) to strike a balance and to earn enough money to describe your passion as a job. Besides music, I study veterinary medicine and I dabble at video editing and graphics, I like to range over different fields. I consider myself lucky when I come to know that someone who listens to my music is deeply impressed with it, nowadays It isn’t enough to be good to catch the public attention, you need a little bit of fortune too!

How long have you been loving photography Lomography ?
Well, I’ve been loving Lomography for a long time and I’ve always been passionate about photography, even if I’ve entered the analogue world just recently. I thought it was too difficult for me, but once I shot the first roll I couldn’t get enough of it. Nowadays everybody thinks they are the photographers of the century because of the coming of digital cameras, but in my opinion to own a brand new camera doesn’t necessarily mean to be a real photographer. A real photographer is someone who manages to impress a pure emotion on his or her film, and also someone who still relies on basic analogue rules. It’s an even more daring thing. Everyone is good with digital cameras, auto-mode and you did it!

How do you grade yourself looking at your first steps in this world?
Maybe a 6, or even a 7+, but only for the care I put into shooting, trying to catch the beauty of the smallest things. Sometimes it’s so difficult to avoid the common aesthetic principles and the schemes that we automatically create! What I like most about photography it’s just to come out with the same emotions I create with my songs, nothing predictable, something really instinctive, pure.

Getting on well with the Diana F+ sometimes isn’t so easy, especially at the beginning. You have to understand each other, not to give up soon, but once you are attuned to it, it can give you unexpected results. How have you lived your relationship?
At the beginning I had problems, too. I had a red scale roll and I didn’t come out with anything convincing. It took me 5 rolls to see the first reasonable results. It is true, it’s a matter of “tuning”. As usual the camera has to become your third eye, a sort of extension of yourself. Only in this way the shot comes from your instinct, and at that point the results are guaranteed.

Describe the Diana F+ in 5 words…
Beautiful, handy, coloured, creative, instinctive!

You’re often on the road. Which place do you like to photograph the most with your new friend Diana F+ ?
I’ve got an immoderate addiction to bare trees and animals. Nature fascinates me, it is always my best muse.

How is shooting with the Diana F+ ?
It is special! It’s like playing a game you wouldn’t like to stop!

What is the most incredible/odd thing you’ve ever photographed?
At the moment I often feel like taking photos of coloured shoes and pois, I don’t know why.

If you could take a photo of any dead, alive or imaginary person with your Diana F+ , who would it be and why?
They would be my friends, one by one, in all their characteristic poses which I would obviously like to remember.

Among all Lomography cameras, which one are you most similar to and why ?
Maybe the SPINNER, for its capacity to control everything at 360°, it doesn’t miss a thing! But I admit to be also similar to the DIANA for my way of life, instinctive and practical, simple but never dull.

Among the photos you’ve shot with your Diana F+, which is your favorite one and why?
There is no doubt that my favourite one is the seagulls series, because when I see them I feel like dreaming. They are so light!

Give all the Lomographers a personal advice..
Don’t think, just shoot!

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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    very good photos - is there a lomohome where to like them?!?

  2. lalalalalalala
    lalalalalalala ·

    I can only hope to live up to my namesake...

  3. anyasf
    anyasf ·

    awesome pics! :) especially those flying birds. love them much!

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