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The Lomography community’s budding writers have been penning future masterpieces day in and day out. It’s time to catch up on their work before they become too famous!

Credits: natalieerachel

Got a short story that you’ve been itching to tell the world, a poem about unrequited love, or just a random musing? The User Blogs is the place to let it all out! Write whatever your heart wants to say here – it’s all about freedom, baby! Don’t take it from me though. Here’s the top ten articles for the past week!

Credits: natalieerachel

My First Best by natalieerachel,

Credits: lightblue

My Happy Accidents! by lightblue,

Credits: antibiotyx

Introducing… LomoBoy by antibiotyx,

My First Best Picture by phaliyp,

Credits: antibiotyx

LomoBoy Adventure #1 - Missing: Holgaga by antibiotyx,

Credits: lusisilu

The Women of Lomography by webo29,

Credits: werriston

Three by werriston,

Credits: larahacefotos

Qué es Lomografía? by barakalofi,

Credits: saidseni

I think I've seen this picture...! by saidseni,

Credits: stunt

What's Your Type? by webo29,

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