Holga 120 WPC


Easy to use and hold no viewfinder, ultrawide panoramic image, versatile framing a typical Holga. Imagine your well loved Holga going through a mangle and what comes out is a sort of strange comic version of the original but twice the width. A recent addition to the ever growing world of Holga this fills another gap…a very wide one.

image from holgapolis

There is no flash on top, this is replaced with raised markers that you can feel in the dark to give you an idea of where you are pointing the camera!

It comes with a spirit level so you can make sure your framing and horizon lines are true. A typical Holga, it is versatile and comes with two masks but we all know that we don’t really need those if we want to experiment. The back casing has a handy ’Exposure guide" to give you a hint. There is plenty of room on the back to add your own if you wish.

This is not a camera for your wandering lomographer you need to pause for a moment, Keep a steady hand while taking the shots or use a tripod screwed into the standard thread on the bottom, It would have been really cool if they had somehow made one end flat or with an extra tripod thread.

The cable release is fine but I have found if your cable releases to quickly it will jolt and of course blur so either hold tight or find a nice gentle cable release. You can also use your hand ,all depends on the length of the exposure.

I was pleasantly surprised with my test roll, they all came out and the exposure guide is pretty good. I used Fuji RHPIII Provia 400ASA expired1995! Kodak T400CN expired 2001 no problems at all. Its also had Ilford and Konica through it…all good.

I also lost my lens cap very easily, now I wouldn’t normally be worried as I don’t bother with them for my other Holgas but if you accidentally push in the shutter for the pinhole then you’ll expose your film, so find a way of sticking it to something…here’s a thought! Velcro!!

Important thing to remember though unless you want a continuous neg. of overlapping shots wind on alternating frames e.g. Start at 1 wind to 3 and so on.

The pinhole diameter is 0.3mm aprox f/135. The images used as examples were taken on a 400ASA and so the exposure was very short, only a matter of a few seconds, no adjustments have been made to these.

The HolgaWPC is very light, it almost feels like it can float away in your hands, I have dropped it and it bounced, I’m glad to say the back didn’t open!! and it wasn’t even taped. I love it for its potential, there is so much one can do with it.

Have fun!

written by kylewis on 2008-11-13 #gear #pinhole #120 #review #holga


  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great review and this camera seems really fascinating! But I don't think the illustration of the cam is the good one, because the 120 WPC not the same as the Holga PC...
    Have a look there (whole history of the Holga family...): www.holgapolis.com/history.html

  2. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    thanks, Vicuna! my bad!

  3. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    cool review and gallery
    i have written one, too, and must say i really like this camera!

  4. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Thank you, I have sent in pac shots of the cam but you know beta!!!

  5. stouf
    stouf ·

    Excellent shots !

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