I love Authentic! The LC-A Refurb


Everybody agrees that Lomo LC-A is the Guru of lomography. Nobody at this site do not know what the secret letters LC-A mean. For me it is Lovely Creative Adventure. You are not merely shooting with this camera, you are having adventure. Each new roll of film tells a new story of your life.

Why I have chosen a LC-A Refurb? The first reason was that I wanted an authentic camera. The fact that the camera broken earlier didn’t scare me at all. In fact I realised that LSI would do their best and that the camera would be repaired by a true specialist. I got what I wanted and what I dreamed about.

It looks perfectly like a new one. Everything works properly as it should. It even had an authentic USSR smell =) Sounds funny but in fact it is true. USSR cameras have their own special smell =) I think you all already know what a great this camera is. You all know what great results and great double exposures are made with the LC-A Refurb. There is no need to tell everything in words just take a look into my gallery. These shots are made with different type of films. Mostly with lomo x-pro slide, fuji t64, fuji sensia etc.

written by mantozauras on 2008-11-12 #gear #35mm #review #lc-a #refurb #lomo

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  1. olique
    olique ·

    mine meaning!
    I have original LCA!!!
    its great!

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