DIY Redscale with Kodak Gold 200


I got myself lots of expired films from a shop in town. Yet, a lot of things came though my mind on what to do with them. One of the simplest solution is to make a homemade redscale film.

This was likely a random experiment as you need to transfer the film from the original canister into another empty canister. And as the same as for any other tipster about the basics of DIY Redscale Film, the procedure needs to be done in a dark place. It can be done inside your room and you need to switch of the lights and I usually do it inside my pillow case.

Moving on, done with the DIY. It’s time for me to shoot. For this one, I set the ASA on my LC-A at 50 and 25. This will allow the redscale film to be a bit overexposed. For me, I like the colour when it is overexposed as the pictures tend to be a softer, and the yellowish colour will make the pictures look seasoned rather than the original colour of redscale which is rather bloody red.

Come to an end, personally I think it is better for you to try it out making your own Redscale film. It is much cheaper and interesting as you can experiment it yourself. You might need some luck doing it. So, Good Luck :)

written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-05-27 #gear #film #diy #review #lc-a #redscale #kodak-gold-200 #home #lomography #user-review

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