Lovely Sunny Days: Central Oahu Regional Park


Feel like taking a day off and just being a kid again? I absolutely adore my local park, the Central Oahu Regional Park, where the Honolulu state and county has really pimped out the best place to get some healthy sun, climb on the monkey bars, fool around, take analogue photos, or just wander down a trip back to the carefree days.

Credits: dearjme

In my hometown of Waipio, Hawai’i, there’s not much to do outdoors. My friends and I, with our love for the sun, grew up playing hopscotch on the sidewalks, wishing we’d have more room to explore. However, our dreams had come true a bit too late (after our childhood had come and gone). In 2001 the City and County of Honolulu opened up a mega-park. It is now the largest “venue” in town, the 269-acre Central Oahu Regional Park (or, CORP, as we have so lovingly nicknamed). The sheer size of the area alone makes this place a monumental location! There’s courts and fields galore, with more than enough room to take a quick jog or a long stroll with your loved ones. In fact, there’s a 20-court tennis center, on Olympic-sized pool, four baseball and softball diamonds, and an archery range! Good gosh, I don’t think I’ve even explored every part of this park yet!

But I have to say, whenever I am able to journey around CORP, I am always drawn to the….jungle gym! Childish or not, jungle gyms are the epitome of carefree fun. There’s the plastic slides that make farting noises when you slide down, the bridges and towers to establish fortresses, and the ever so obligatory monkey bars. And CORP just happens to have about 5 of them scattered around the area.

Credits: dearjme

There’s always people venturing around the park, and since Waipio is generally a quiet, homey town, it’s natural to wave and smile at whoever you come across. It’s the sense of Aloha (or “love”) that graciously permeates through everyone in Hawaii. One day, my friend and I met a lady named Lorainne and her extremely cute dog taking a walk.

Credits: dearjme

What more could a content girl ask for? It’s places like these where the simple and the beautiful really shine through the daily monotonous drag. I have made some priceless memories while hanging out at Central Oahu Regional Park. And with the clear Hawai’i skies and bright sun, even simply sitting and talking makes for some good quality time.

Credits: dearjme & astroscout5000

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    Ah! Looks like I tagged astroscout's photo on accident. I mean to put this photo:
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    I always have my swim meets there, hahaha

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