Taking Your Fisheye Outdoors


It’s now the time for taking your fisheye outdoors!

I’ve just had my new Diana Fisheye Lens for about a week and since then I’ve had so much fun with it.
We had a long and cold winter here in Germany and I’m so glad spring is here now . I’m enjoying the nice weather and so of course I’m taking my new fisheye lens outdoors.

There are so many beautiful flowers in the neighbourhood that I just have to photograph. Flowers are perfect for close fisheye-photos . I love the way the whole picture around the flower gets blurred. It looks fantastic!
I love to be real close to the flower and I’m trying to be close to the ground as well. Flowers in front of buildings are great, too as the blurred lines of the houses seem to frame the flower .

I’ll take my “Fisheye-Diana” to the lake tomorrow. Not only will there be lots of flowers but as the weather is supposed to be nice I’m sure there’ll be many more wonderful motives around the water.

Another good place for my new “toy” would propably be the zoo , I should think about heading there pretty soon … :-)

written by kleeblatt on 2011-06-22 #lifestyle #spring #outdoors #flower #colour #close #fisheye

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  1. kingdjin
    kingdjin ·

    Great ! i've traduced it in Italian language! :)

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