Hong Kong Ocean Park


Saying goodbye to the Ocean Park and also touring the long-time-no-see amusement park. The facilities in the park has grown old with time, the only things that doesn’t change are our childhood innocence!

The Ocean Park carries many of my childhood memories.

When I was still a young student, Disney had not been built, Hong Kong’s theme parks only consisted of Lai Chi Kok amusement park and Ocean Park. Going to Ocean Park was not a typical family day activity, I still remember being able to visit Ocean Park was a reward for getting good results in my exams. Having a minor phobia of heights, I was a little shaky every time I stepped into the cable car. 

All the thrilling rides in the amusement park, from the pirate ship, rollercoasters to the newly-built racing rides, were not my cup of tea. Coming back to the park this time is not because I have become more daring to take on the thrilling rides, but is to take the chance, before the place gets torn down, to reminisce the most surreal place of my childhood!    

It feels like diving into the water and swimming with billions of other fishes in the water! Looking at the stingrays, sharks, even the sea turtles, and other enormous sea creatures swim past right before your eyes, I no longer feel surprised, but am still touched by the magic of nature. 

The jellyfish museum’s crystal clear and colourful dancers in the water, the cute baby pandas along with Lele and Yingying, the adult pandas, and the performances by the stars (sea lions and walruses) of Ocean Park, are definitely not to be missed!   

Quick! Come here with your friends to pick up beautiful memories from the past! 

Hong Kong Ocean Park (Official Page)

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  1. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    niice! do you scan your images yourself?

  2. gateau
    gateau ·

    Thank you so much~
    I don't have a scanner at home so all the images are scanned by the lab :)

  3. romullolima
    romullolima ·

    amazing place!

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