Analog meets LED


Want to try out even more light painting but simply can’t find suitable light sources in your house? Then transform your modern light into something simple with some adhesive tape and a film canister, which we all have, and you are ready to go.

Some time ago I stumbled upon the concept of Light writing and wanted to try out the whole thing. So I turned the house on its head, on the lookout for suitable items. But nowadays aren’t like it used to be – we live in the 21st Century, so more and more, LED and cold cathode lights and have replaced traditional bulbs.

All the same – I wanted to try it out, and so my LED flashlight came in handy.
Featuring UV lights, normal white LEDs and a red laser, it should be a possible plaything. So I diligently tried it out and viewed the results with much anticipation. But this viewing was immediately followed by disillusionment. The UV light was too weak, the white LEDs too bright, and the laser only a glaring dot. In the search for other tools I hit on the idea…

You need:

  • Camera with Bulb-mode (LC-A+, Diana+, Fisheye 2, usw.)
  • an LED-flashlight
  • a milky(transparent) film canister
  • Scotch tape

And we can begin. Take the film canister and hold it with the open side to the flashlight. Then, a few strips of tape wrapped around it and you’re finished with the DIY diffuser.
The really bright, individual LEDs turn into a uniform surface of light.
Now simply put the camera on a tripod or other surface, turn B-mode on, and off you go. Your imagination knows no boundaries.

Have fun trying.

written by supastah2003 on 2011-06-03 #gear #tutorials #art #light-painting #tipster #led #light-writing #flashlight #film-canister #quickie-tipster #diffusor
translated by duckduckninja

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