Can a failed shot still be used?


Have you ever felt sad and even disappointed at your over exposed shots? Keeping the unsuccessful negatives is always never pleasing, yet too disheartened to throw them away?

Can over exposed photos no longer be recovered anymore? Why not try to do a little adjustment, and let the photos achieve a different effect – are you interested in that?


  • All your over exposed negatives
  • Photo scanner


1) Retrieve all your thrown negatives
2) Arrange them under the photo scanner
3) Set the scanning setting to black & white

  • 16-bit greyscale
  • resolution (personal preference)
  • suggestion:try not to reduce noise and dust
    4) Scan the negatives
    5) Done!

Now you’ve got yourself a classic black and white image; it’s that simple!

written by mune316 on 2011-06-01 #gear #tutorials #black-and-white #dust #scanning #tipster #noise #quickie-tipster #over-expose #photo-recover
translated by shuttersentinel17


  1. caryvengeance
    caryvengeance ·

    Great idea, although sometimes over-exposure can be a happy accident. There are definitely places the originals can be used. That first picture looks like a cold war era snap of a 'city of the future' and the wash effect actually makes the shot.

  2. mune316
    mune316 ·

    thanks for the likes :)

  3. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    I use all my failed shots as canvases for artwork:

  4. rachaelbethan
    rachaelbethan ·

    Brilliant tip, I actually overexpose my bw shots to add contrast, so great idea for those "failed" color ones!

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