Putney Vale Cemetery

As Jerome K Jerome once said “I take no interest in creeping round dim and chilly churches behind wheezy old men, and reading epitaphs. Not even the sight of a bit of cracked brass let into a stone affords me what I call real happiness.” He did however, admit that for most Brits, a poke around a cemetery was a great way to pass the time. Jerome then would not like Putney Vale Cemetery but I do.

Credits: simonh82

The cemetery is about 130 years old, is now council-run and covers a large area between Roehampton and Wimbledon Common in South West London. At one end there is a small chapel type building in which services are held. This is the oldest end of the cemetery and the one with some of the most impressive tombs and grave stones.

Some of the graves have become very overgrown with ivy and when it has been chopped back, it looks quite spooky. Others are neatly maintained with fresh flowers.

The cemetery is home to a number of famous people including children’s author Enid Blyton, singer Sandy Denny and Dr Who actor John Pertwee. There is also a memorial to Titanic victims which comprises of a sea chest and sofa all carved from stone. Unfortunately, the light was so poor in this corner of the cemetery that I didn’t waste any film on it.

Credits: simonh82

Most of these shots were taken with my Diana F+, but I also had one come out from my homemade multi pinhole camera.

If like me, you find cemeteries interesting rather than morbid, then I recommend you visit it soon.

Credits: simonh82

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