March's Most Comments Made

Adulations, criticisms, intellectual discussions and whatnot, these Lomographers are quick to voice out their opinions!

Credits: wuxiong

We know how convenient it is to just ‘like’ a photo or just to Share an article but don’t be afraid to leave a comment! Comments let us and the whole community know of your voice and opinions, just like these guys who’ve been rapidly firing away on all fronts! We hope to see new names for next month. But for now, here’s March’s most comments made!

wuxiong 289 comments
dakadev_pui 256 comments
bccbarbosa 177 comments
rudemuinho 176 comments
warning 160 comments
susielomovitz 153 comments
lereile 143 comments
neja 140 comments
natalieerachel 137 comments
5thdimension 125 comments
larahacefotos 124 comments

written by cruzron on 2011-04-08 #news #comments #march #most

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