Portobello Post

The Portobello Post is a video and film post production house on Portobello Road in London. This little production house specializes in all areas of post production.

You may have passed it on your way to or from Portobello Market, or maybe on your way to or from the tube or one of the many coffee or record shops in the area. You may have noticed its bright orange door, or maybe the orange bars on the windows, or not even noticed that it was a post production company. I know the first time I walked by, I had no clue that this building housed a full video and film post production company. I was far too distracted by the fact that there was a massive Banksy on the same wall as their front door, protected by a sheet of plexi.

So if you’re looking for a well equipped post-production company in the heart of a great area in town I’d take a look at their services online (www.portobellopost.com) and see if they’re a good fit for you. If you’re not shopping around for that though, there’s nothing saying you can’t enjoy an afternoon in the markets and swing by to see the free artwork that Banksy has given Portobello Road!

274d Portobello Road, London W10 5TE, United Kingdom

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