Brixton Village: A Cosmopolitan Dream


Brixton Village is changing. It is growing in a funky, hip, and very appealing way. The pop-up-shops are really popping and the market is there for all your provisions. You have to visit just to soak up the atmosphere.

Coldharbour Lane has never had the pulling power of other well-known streets in London but now it may just have “turned the corner” so to speak. An interesting and exciting regeneration is taking place in the 1930s Granville Arcade building that is also accommodation above the airy and bright shop arcades.

Outside, if you stand across the Lane you can see the potential, the gates have a decorative design of fish on them, there is someone using an oil drum barbecue to cook a selection of meats, there is also a wonderful display of food from a brightly-coloured stall just outside the gate.

If you walk through the left-hand entrance you will find a plethora of fruit and vegetable shops, fish mongers, butchers selling parts of unnamed animals that I don’t want to think about! Cafés of all descriptions fill between these sellers from the “greasy spoon” to the trendy coffee house with WiFi! The Brick Box is also an arts initiative and café at the heart of the market. Wholefoods, cakes and drinks, lots of chat and great music emanate from some of the shops filling the arcades with a great atmosphere.

Vintage shops and small designer outlets sit nicely next to each other. Some parts of the market do not appreciate photos, that may change depending on who you ask, some didn’t mind while others did. Be warned, asking is easy!

Brixton Village
Coldharbour Lane

Nearest tube and rail is Brixton and Brixton Rail a couple of minutes away.
Loads of buses, there is limited parking but it’s expensive at £3.00 for one hour.

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  1. daddybodum
    daddybodum ·

    I like the giant coffee cup! This looks a like a great place to while a way a Saturday morning with a paper and a cup of coffee.

  2. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    I love Brixton Village. Only discovered it recently but it's a great place to meet friend. Federation coffee is lovely and I had a really nice Italian meal in one if the tiny cafes.

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