The Troxy in London


I absolutely love the Troxy!

When I visited London back in September 2010 with my girlfriend, we went to see a concert of the Modest Mouse in the Troxy in London. It was such an amazing experience!

For our first time to visit London together and along with the time that we spent at the Troxy, well, we loved it! I love the old-fashioned architecture of the Troxy, even the carpet; it was very soft and had an amazing design. Seeing the Modest Mouse for the first time was definitely another highlight of our trip. I also had a kick out of taking lomographs during our trip.

This is actually my first time to write a Lomo Location, and especially for the LCG, totally loving it!

The nearest tube station is Limehouse.

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  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    I saw P.J. Harvey here the other month, absolute heaven!

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