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Let us introduce you to our latest LomoAmigos, Icelandic indie folk band Seabear. In 2010 they finished their European tour, playing 90 shows in 53 cities. Our Colorsplash Camera was lucky enough to join them for the last weeks on tour. We interviewed bass player Halldór Ragnarsson about this colourful time. Ready for a color explosion the Icelandic way?

NAME: Seabear
CITY: Reykjavík
COUNTRY: Iceland

Tell us a bit about Seabear. How long do you guys know each other and how long does the band exist?
Seabear is a band from Reykjavík, Iceland, with seven members that write & play music together. It started as a solo project of Sindri in 2003 or so, but in 2006 it started to be like it is now; a seven piece band. We have released 2 LP’s on Morr Music and our latest, We Built A Fire, came out last year.

Was this your first contact with Lomography or did you have earlier experiences?
In a way it was our first contact with it; using it like we did on this tour, but of course all of us are familiar with it and have admired the obscure elements of it.

How did it feel to be chosen as LomoAmigos?
We are glad that you chose us to be a LomoAmigo and, at least me, have been using the Colorsplash Camera ever since. So yes I am thankful as well that you gave us the camera.

Where did you shoot mostly? Could you describe the pics briefly?
We got the camera in Berlin while on tour last November and the photos are taken in Germany and Poland where we ended our tour. All the photos are random snap shots while hanging around between concerts in various places. Some are nice; others are something else.

Did you experience some funny reactions when friends or fans saw the camera?
Well we used it sometimes during parties and so on, and sometimes we just handed out the camera for people to play with. They had fun with it I guess.

How did you like the Colorsplash Camera? Any advice for future Colorsplash shooters?
I think there are no rules. Just go wild. I think that is what it is all about.

Which are your favourite shots from this project?
The photos when the camera takes over and you have kind of no clue why they came out like that. I like that.

If your photos could have a soundtrack of three songs, which would they be? Title & artist please.
Hmmmm???? Lets just say : three early songs by Motörhead – all played at the same time.

What are your future plans? New album? Interesting side projects? Anything else?
We have been in a short break since December after a really busy year in 2010, where we played around 100 gigs all over the world. But we will start to meet again in the coming weeks to write materials for a new album that will hopefully come out late 2012. Everybody in the band has also other projects as well. Sindri was releasing his 2nd album as Sin Fang last month. Sóley is releasing her first LP next autumn, Örn Ingi is playing with his band Skakkamanage, Kjartan drums with Kimono and I am playing in a new band with members from Múm, Kimono & Amiina called Mr. Silla, that will release an album, hopefully, early 2012. So we are all busy with other projects as well and that is great. But of course there will be a new Seabear album sooner than later.

To finish the interview could you tell us a little bit about Iceland? What is a must-see or a must-eat? Have you ever tried Hákarl?
Of course I have eaten Hákarl – it is disgusting and it smells like old urine. So don’t try it. Must see?? Well maybe just go out from the city during summer time and just drive around and get lost in the bright nights here. Must eat?? I love the Icelandic lamb and I highly recommend it.

Icelandic winters are long and cold. What do you do to cheer yourself up?
Well I play & write music with my friends and do art in between. That cheers me up and gives me drive to wake up all mornings.

Find out more about Seabear on their Homepage, Myspace page or Tumblr while listening to “I Build You A Fire” below.

Seabear – I’ll Build You A Fire from seabear on Vimeo.

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