Lomography Fisheye + Colorsplash Flash-Gels


Use the gel filters from the Colorsplash Flash on your Lomography Fisheye One

Before I decided whether I would get myself the Lomography Fisheye or the Fisheye 2, naturally I first looked at the functions of the two cameras.
The Fisheye 2 has two important advantages – it permits multiple exposure and has a Hotshoe for external flash. The multiple exposure function was not so important to me, but the Hotshoe was of much interest to me, since I already possessed a Colorsplash Flash .
In the end, my decision went in favor of the Fisheye One.
Mainly due to the lesser price.

When I got the camera, I immediately had to try to build something to combine the internal flash of the Fisheye with the gel filters of my Colorsplash Flash. I rooted through my drawers and found all kinds of useless packing materials – but suddenly I had the wrapper from a pack of 3 glue sticks in hand and the idea was born. 3-4 snips here and there with scissors and I already had a suitable form.

The cut piece from the wrapper is mounted on the bottom and the top with double sided tape. Colorsplash filters can now be placed between the plastic and the internal flash. It is important that the transparent plastic piece rests relatively close to the camera so that the gel filters stay it and don’t fall out. Then let’s get started!!!

Actually a very simple tip – but very effective!!!

written by jiggyjigsaw on 2011-05-30 #gear #tutorials #camera #filters #tipster #flash #colorsplash-flash #lomography-fisheye #camera-modification
translated by duckduckninja


  1. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    Wahahaha this was exactly what I did!!! just a few weeks back :p

  2. paganocristo
    paganocristo ·

    Yeah, you had my very same idea.
    Why buying a colorsplash when you can have a fisheye colorsplash?

  3. monkeyalien
    monkeyalien ·

    easy! must try ;)

  4. jiggyjigsaw
    jiggyjigsaw ·

    thank you for translating!!!

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