Leicester Square Film Premieres

Leicester Square is the location of most major film premieres in London.

London not only hosts the UK and European premieres of feature films, it also hosts the world premieres of Hollywood blockbusters! In fact, the most successful film in the world, Avatar, actually held it’s worldwide premiere at Leicester Square, before the red carpets were even rolled out in Hollywood.

Leicester Square has some distinct advantages over it’s Hollywood counterparts when it comes to film premieres. This includes some of the biggest and best cinemas in London, all in one place. It’s not unusual for one premiere to take over multiple cinemas. With the grassy square in the middle, there’s also plenty of space to create elaborate displays and set pieces to surround the red carpet.

Fans wait for hours, sometimes even days, to secure a prime location along the red carpet. This is their best opportunity to see a famous face in person and try for an autograph. If you want to be a part of the film premiere experience, you can search the Internet for upcoming premieres. They occur most frequently in the summer, as well as near the end of the year.

Tube: Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus

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