Chelsea Bridge

Chelsea Bridge, a great place to take photos of the world going by and catch the sunset.

I’m lucky with my work as I get to travel all around London. Of course I always take my camera with me – its pretty much surgically attached to me already. Today I ended up on Chelsea Bridge waiting for the sunset. That doesn’t sound much like a job but it is! I promise.

So I waited and watched the world go by. As a “Londoner” (I use the term loosely as I’m not actually born and bred there. I’m actually a fake, but that’s our secret.) you completely miss everything around you! I have driven over this bridge so many times and never realised how amazing it is! Not just the bridge, the views too. On one side, you have the Battersea Power Station and at the other, the Thames. It’s pretty special. When it gets dark, the bridge turns into something from Blackpool Illuminations, but way better.

I get my Cosmic Symbol out which I bought for £5 online and got ready to snap away as the light changes. I was worried that I didn’t have the right kind of film (an Ektar 100). Will it pick up the light? Well yes, yes it did.

I am so happy with the results. It’s definitely a great place to take pictures any time of the day with all the people making their way over the bridge and all the boats traveling along the river.

I love it. I plan to now visit as many pedestrian bridges along the Thames!

written by tricky_eye_line on 2011-08-20 #places #bridge #sunset #location #london #chelsea #personal-story #lgc #cosmicsymbol

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