Shoreditch, London EC2A

Shoreditch High Street. Walk past the trendy kids with the silly haircuts and the street art and find real London streets and traditional entertainment venues.

Shoreditch today is the home to London’s hipsters, groovers and artists. The streets are filled with outlandish dress and asymmetrical haircuts. Hidden among its street are galleries and boutiques to satisfy the most curious of visitors. In nearby Hoxton Square is the White Cube gallery home of London’s best exhibitions of contemporary art. The streets themselves are also London’s best living canvas for street art including many pieces by Banksy.

But Shoreditch is also one of the oldest areas of London. St Leonard’s Church, named after the patron saint of prisoners and mentally ill is centuries old. It is built on the junction of two Roman roads which lead to Bath, Chichester and York. Part of Shoreditch’s unique charm is it’s mix of 21st century nightclubs and bars and also more traditional entertainment venues. This area combines old grimy London with it’s artistic cutting edge.

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