The London Underground

When you’re in London, there’s no way to avoid The Tube – and why would you, it’s just the most excellent lomo-opportunity!

Okay, so we all know The Tube is the oldest metro system in the world, the second longest and the one with the most stops. You’re all probably rolling your eyes right now, because writing a London LomoLocation about The Tube… well, how obvious, how cliché can you get?

The truth is, simply everything connected with London Underground makes just an excellent photo motif for your lomographic endeavours. You don’t even have to do much, just keep your camera ready and be quick. The Tube is almost everywhere in London, so it’s not hard to spot it and besides you’ll most likely be travelling from A to B via the Underground anyway. Admire the different stations and trains, sometimes it feels like you travelled through time as well, some stations are super-futuristic, other look like they haven’t changed since the day they were built.

One last advice: In case you’re travelling with non-lomographic friends, come up with a plan B in case your friend hops on a train and you’re too slow (because you were distracted, taking pictures) and the doors close in your face. Happened to me before – we did meet again, eventually, some stops later.


written by scorpie on 2012-12-03 #places #metro #underground #the-tube #location #london #travel-tips #lcg

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