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Ruskin Park is an open space set between three very densely populated areas in South London. It is an award-winning Edwardian park with many different features. A perfect place to escape on a Sunday afternoon with your partner and have a picnic in the ornamental gardens.

I first came across this park while I was in Art college in Camberwell, I would sometimes walk past it on the way home instead of waiting for a bus and then I would get lured in. It became a little haven from the mad rush of life on the roads outside. The park got its name from John Ruskin, the famous artist, writer, and social campaigner who lived in the area between 1823 and 1871.

The park was not there in his time but was later opened in 1907, making it Edwardian. The site is much larger now and incorporates fields to play football and run. There is a paddling pool, children’s play area, a sports area, bandstand and of course, all the original features of ornamental gardens. Opening at 7am it is also patrolled by rangers so you have the feeling of security. During the summer, there are some beautiful, little secluded areas to picnic with your loved one, especially when the sun shines and you sit under the dappled light from the old trees.

Next to the park is the large Kings College Hospital while across the road is Denmark Hill Railway Station and just for your information, the headquarters of the Salvation Army! Parking is restricted in this whole area and you must pay most of the time but public transport is frequent, so it’s not a great problem.

Ruskin Park
Entrances: Denmark Hill, Finsen Road, Ferndale Road

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    nice article! I work at kings college hospital so I visit this park quite frequently!

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