Bedruthan Steps - Ancient Giants


It is said that the giant mounds of rock that cross Bedruthan were once used by ancient giants to cross the bay. Actually this was a story made up in the 19th century to attract tourists, but there is no beach more tranquil in all of Cornwall.

Credits: danlev

A short drive from the surfing havens of Newquay and Watergate Bay in Cornwall lies Bedruthan Steps, a quiet and breathtaking beach away from the noise of the town. Hardly visible from the road approaching either side of the bay you need to get down to the shoreline to appreciate this place. Great stone monoliths formed by the force of the North Atlantic shelter you from the wind and the waves. The only noise you’ll hear is the lap of the sea on the rocks and the occasional Gull, the perfect respite from modern life.

Credits: danlev

The only way down to the beach is via 142 steps carved into the cliff at the south end of the beach, which are only accessible when the tide is out. Once on the beach, you can explore the stone stacks and caves, the perfect place for a geological Lomograph!

Credits: danlev
Credits: danlev
Credits: danlev
Credits: danlev

The National Trust looks after the beach and there is a small charge to go down to it. Their cream tea in the cafe on top of the cliff comes highly recommended!

The water may be cold and the weather unpredictable, but for me there is no better way to spend an afternoon than soaking up the sun in one of best beaches in Cornwall.


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