Lahti Ski Games - An Event for Fans of Winter Sports

Once a year, all the world’s top cross country skiers and ski jumpers come to Finland to the rather small city of Lahti. Held for the first time in 1923, this winter sports event offers a lot for the fans of winter sports and is also a great event for lomography, so take your lomo babies with you!

The Lahti Ski Games have been held annually at Salpausselkä in the city of Lahti since 1923. The event takes place in the end of February or the beginning of March.

The visitors can enjoy three different winter sports: cross country skiing, Nordic combined, and ski jumping. It is an ideal event for fans of winter sports, and as all the competitions are part of the World Cup, you are guaranteed to see the best sportsmen and women, even though women only compete in cross country skiing. The ski jumping competitions held at Salpausselkä are also a part of the Nordic Tournament, a set of four ski jumping competitions held in Finland and Norway.

The atmosphere of the Lahti Ski Games is something everyone can enjoy, especially those interested in winter sports. The Lahti Ski Museum is located at the center of the Sports Center, and is definitely worth a visit. Not only can you see old wooden skis and learn a lot of history related to the Lahti Ski Games and winter sports in general, you can try a ski jumping simulator, ski, or try how well you would do biathlon.

Even if you are not so interested in sports, the location is great for Lomography. The three ski jumping hills are the most prominent and well-known landmarks of the city, and an interesting subject that your Lomo camera will love. After the main ski jumping competition, for example, the is an impressive fireworks show. When the ski jumping competitions are not in session, the biggest of the three is also available for visitors. From the top, you can see the whole city and Lake Vesijärvi. You can also look down and wonder how do the ski jumpers have the courage to jump.

Last but not least: it is definitely worth trying cross country skiing in Lahti. The forests around the ski tracks are beautiful, definitely great for some nice winter shots!

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