Fuji Natura Classica


Picture Perfect – With Natural Light!

Picture Perfect – With Natural Light!

Wouldn’t it be nice to photograph a scene as seen by your naked eye? For instance – the way your bedroom looks at dusk, bathed in the warm glow of the sunset? But to be honest, it is very challenging to replicate. Sure, you can load up a fast film in your camera, but it takes a while to experiment. Before you know it – the world turns, the light changes, and you have lost that perfect moment.

That’s why we are very pleased to introduce a very exceptional premium camera from Japan – the Fuji Natura Classica. It’s unique Natural Photo Mode works with the available light. From strong morning sunlight to a cosy fireside glow – everything is perfectly illuminated – without the need for a flash!


Fuji Natura – Ultra Light Sensitive Camera

What makes the Fuji Natura Classica camera so special? Well, even when you take pictures indoors at night – you do not need to use a flash. The Classica is incredibly light sensitive thanks to the NP (‘natural photo’) mode, which detects the subject’s brightness, adjusting the exposure according to the available light source. This mode is automatically enabled when paired with a fast film (800 ISO+), eliminating the need to use flash. Forget overbearing flash-bleaching, the Natura Classica’s results are naturally stunning images with smooth grain and radiant colors!

This very light-sensitive, high quality, point and shoot camera is light, modern and operates quietly – perfect for those serene moments.


  • Unique NP mode (“Natural Photo”) adjusts exposure to natural light.
  • Uses any kind of 35mm film (ranging from ISO 50 to 3200), but works best with Natura Classica 1600
  • Integrated pop-up flash (Super Digital Program Flash) can be activated via a button, or remain disabled
  • Super EBC Fujinon 28-56mm f/2.8-5.4 zoom lens
  • Autofocus ranging from 0.4m to infinity
  • 5 exposure modes available: slow-shutter, red-eye reduction, self-timer, remote control, landscape
  • Uses one lithium CR2 battery

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From Sun Up To Sun Down – Fuji Superia 1600

The Fuji Superia 1600 makes a good choice for the Natura Classica camera, which works best with very fast film. With a 1600 ASA, it’s guaranteed to give you stunning results in all lighting conditions. Expect images with faithful colors and fine grain from this high-quality negative film! Colors remain natural and true, just how your eyes see it.


Spontaneous Shots Call For Fuji Instax

For moments that simply cannot wait, check out the Fuji’s line of instant cameras:

FUJI CHEKI 7 – available in Chocolate or White, the Cheki 7 is a surefire attention grabber!



FUJI CHEKI 25 – For those of you who love self-portraits (that means everybody!) this instant cam makes things easy with its self-shoot mirror. Pose away!


FUJI CHEKI 55i – This baby’s got a self-timer mode for two consecutive images.


YONE vs CHEKI BOX SET – A must-have for collectors, this limited edition box-set is a creative collaboration between Fuji and Japanese cult photographer Yasumasa Yonehara (Yone) with artwork by graffiti artist Fafi.


Film Offer – Fuji 800 Press

Now, 800 ISO films aren’t your bog standard films and as such we have come to expect something extraordinary about them. When the Press 800 is used with the Natura’s NP mode you can capture images in low light conditions without needing to use the flash. The Fujicolor Press doesn’t disappoint. In fact it shouts “I am a quality film” from every single shot.


5 – Pack 10 EUR/USD

10 – Pack 20 EUR/USD


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  1. ferro_ud
    ferro_ud ·

    wow, it's a camera I dreamt for a long time.
    I need some money now!

  2. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    too much money, sad looks like a cool cam

  3. golfpunkgirl
    golfpunkgirl ·

    tempting but im skint! :(

  4. ao1973
    ao1973 ·

    I've been waiting for a camera like this for a long time! Can I have a free one? or swap my trusty Minox!

  5. poshone
    poshone ·

    What a pitty.. This isn't Lomography anymore. This just looks like some digital crap that's stuck in time... It even has digits and a lithium battery!
    No.. I'd rather have some blurry and rumbled Diana + or Holga pics, with a lot more charisma than this. And for that money, I have 1 LCA+ incl. colorsplash/ 1,5 times the Diana F+ Deluxe Kit, or so much more...
    As big as a fan I am of Lomography, imo this has nothing to do with Lomography or the idea behind it, but this looks more like a moneystripping camera that doesn't know if it has to go digital or remain analogue.. Sorry..

  6. toastiesarnies
    toastiesarnies ·

    I'll have to agree. What's so special about "Unique NP mode ("Natural Photo") adjusts exposure to natural light". What makes this different from loading 800asa film in an LCA+ or Yashica Electro? And don't all good exposure meters adjust to natural light - what else would they expose to??
    I think I'd rather spend me notes on a classic camera with history, not some 21st century Shinjuku leftover.

  7. toastiesarnies
    toastiesarnies ·

    Sorry guys, you've introduced me to some amazing cameras, but I'm not getting this one.

  8. poitr
    poitr ·

    HOLY, THAT'S SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!! wow.....and it's not really that analog.....It's a cute thought, but really, unimpressed by this new age toy...sorry;-(

  9. weechonghooi
    weechonghooi ·

    it's too posh, too much money on this, and i would say it's not an analogue camera..

  10. nakolb
    nakolb ·

    normal people cant afford this.. unless all lomographers are just rich and i have no clue what im talking about...

  11. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·


  12. gabriele_mongardi
    gabriele_mongardi ·

    really sad.. I stick to my Lomo LC-A+.. that has been the last great idea by Lomography. You LSI had great ideas and great products wich where expensive but useful and funny. Now you're going "off-topic"-

    I am spending much less time on this website now, it is a bazaar where you get discounts on objects you neither want nor need.
    We are analog, simple, fashionable, we love to experiment, to use our hands and our minds to create.

    This is way too much, a camera which is a digital camera that uses film rolls.
    Now my place where i can find tips, tricks (and not subliminal commercial ads) will be flickr and all the groups that do not try to sell you something while explaining new techniques.

  13. snoop
    snoop ·

    thanks for the feedback on this camera launch. i know that this camera comes a bit from a different direction than our usual cameras. we here at lomography do however want to offer you all the possibilities that are here in the analogue world. and the sad thing is that there are not a lot of new developments in analogue photography. we are doing our best to constantlyl bring you new things and are releasing things which our community asks us for and which we think are interesting.

    we do not want to force you to buy certain cameras, we do however believe strongly in choice and that analogue needs a strong representation. This is why we are launching and adding interesting new cameras all the time. Previously we didn't offer that many polaroid cameras, but for example with the downturn of Polaroid we feel that we need to offer you an option, this is how we got to stock all the Fuji Instax cameras and are seeing that there is a constant stock of instant film. This is why we also re-vamped our film offerings totally and now offer you tons of different film options. We do also offer infrared film and more "professional" film, because lomographers also like to experiment and try out new things, and we want to give them this option.

    We do offer a hub for analogue photography on lomography.com and are constantly improving and adding in new features on the website, and you don't see any google ads here, no "lifestyle" advertisments from big digital camera brands. We want to enhance your analogue world and get like minded people together. We are happy about the community that is active on this page and we will continue with our path and will continue on adding new features, new products and anything else that shows that analogue photography is strong.
    over the last time

  14. fookshit
    fookshit ·

    well, maybe it's just the shock of seeing the words such as "auto-focus", "zoom lens" or "automatic winding"... but clearly, you still need film to use this camera.

  15. poshone
    poshone ·

    I think a lot of people just have issues with the fact that even if it's analogue, it has to many "digital enhanced" gadgets on it. A lot of lomographers use lomo for it's pure essence and pleasure. So this "premium cam" just doesn't fit into the regular lomostuff... Not the features of it, and sure not the price.
    Personally, I think lomo is letting down regular customers by bringing out unchanged stuff. Let's take the Coloursplash Camera: The regular white one, costs 60€.. The Ice Bear blue costs 75€.. Why? The same with the regular Fisheye2 and the "White Knight", as with the Diana F+ and the "Black Jack".. And I'm not talking about the fact it would be unnecessary to launch new colours and versions. No, that's great! But why keep charging the regular customer even more than the things are worth, just because they have a other colour than the original? I think lomo is great.. but please, stop using your "monopoly" of these thing or I'm sure a whole lot of people will start buying their stuff on eBay and other things.. Or even quit lomo because of it's expensive taste.

  16. snoop
    snoop ·

    hello poshone. as stated above we want to offer people a choice and then they can choose from these things. as for limited editions with different prices. you will see this for almost any brand on the world. if you want a black apple book, you pay an additional price. this is due to the fact that with a large quantity of production we are able to bring down prices in production, logistics, handling , etc.. once we make a new color this brings the prices up for the color. this is why these things are sold as limited editions and cost extra. we don't force anyone to buy these cameras, we just give you an extra option. and about the colorsplash, we actually were able to bring down the price from 75 to 60, that's why "older" models like the ice bear blue, still stand at the old price, because this is based on the pricing we received when we produced this item.
    we will continue with offering different choices to people, see the film shop as example. you can get a constant changing palette of films for different prices. some films are super cheap because we can buy them for a good price, and then there are expensive films like a infrared film. we want to give people this chance and the choice to choose different items.

  17. poshone
    poshone ·

    Hi Snoop, thank you for your reply. I just think it would be better if with every "Limited Edition", there would be something that adds a bit to the package (even if it was some little bag, extra rolls or whatever) just to give the impression that even if you pay more for something more exclusive, you get a bit more (except the colour) That is what Apple does too (the black one has more memory and hard disk but this is off the record :))
    I just think there is room for improvement price/product related, but that doesn't mean the community fails. I just love lomography in every aspect of the tool and I enjoy every day more and more using it... Thank you for your reply again and good luck with the further developments regarding this analogue shizzle :)

  18. dogma
    dogma ·

    Wow looks we have a big discussion here :). You know what io really love the "Limited Edition" cameras and i don't care does it have free extra roll film or bag. I love "Limited Edition" only because of color, because of different.

  19. colortini
    colortini ·

    I want to praise Lomography for bringing us this camera. I think as traditional film camera resources switch to all digital (the biggest camera store chain here in the USA no longer has film cameras - other than single use - on it's website) I have come to rely on the Lomography website for finding out about new analogue products. I think having a single place to go to may encourage film camera manufacturers to just scale back their production rather than eliminate it entirely. It gives this media a legitimate place to be talked about and sold. I'm getting rather tired of buying everything on eBay where sellers don't always represent the product they are selling truthfully, or provide timely shipping or tracking information. At least if I buy something here I know what I am getting for my money and they will stand behind the product. As far as pricing, let's face it - in the developed world analogue photography is now a niche market and the manufacturers and resellers know this. You have to expect there to be a premium to be able to get this equipment now. If you just want to take photos, get a cheap digicam at the local department store, but if you want to create art, stick with film. For most people analogue photography is an art-form and a hobby and if you can't afford it than maybe you need to change hobbies.

  20. 103214
    103214 ·

    I thought this was a rip at first, but it really does offer a great feature that no other point and shoot cameras offer.

    I think Lomo is great for adding this camera to its collection. This camera is the only camera in its class (point and shoot) that offers proper exposure for fast film 800ISO and above-- without flash. Sure, you can properly expose on an SLR for low light using 800ISO film, but this is a point and shoot.

    There really aren't any other P&S cameras that can read film that high, and expose it without flash. This feature really does allow you to not only use your camera more, but capture many many scenes you probably would miss if you didnt have the quickness of this camera.

    Lomo already has so many shitty cameras going for them, they don't need another one. Nobody shopping at lomo wants that stuff anymore; now that everyone's got a Diana or a Holga. They still have to provide-- they're a business. Give them some slack.

    In conclusion, I think it's great Lomo is carrying this camera. As a Japan-only camera, without Lomo I probably would never have heard of it. Here is a review by a real user of the camera who goes over IN DEPTH the features of the camera. He rates it very highly.


  21. mln9
    mln9 ·

    i do love you lomo guys and i know everyone has to make money in this world , but i do agree, with the other lomographers , this is very "automatic"
    i do like the rewind but, 800 and 1600 35mm is one of the most expensive films out there, i've noticed many of the lomographers are using lower speeds and this camera in itself is expensive and automatic, i am glad that fuji has introduced it they seem to be very good at pleasing the analogue culture but.

    like i said , this camera does seem a bit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "digital"
    +film ,

  22. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    Thank you LSI for bringing the camera.
    The Fuzz about selling it is muito loco.
    There is a market, there is a interest, it is analogue, it belongs here.
    I just bought one and I am curious to make shots at a festival.

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