Rubber Rings and Sunny Shapes

Bobbing around in the sea with my submarine and rubber ring.

There is nothing better on a sunny day than running down to the sea in your swimmers and bobbing around the waves on a rubber ring. After that initial cold water induction, using either the wash method – whereby you scoop up water and rub it on your limbs to help adjust your body to the cool waters. Or the mad dash (adopted mostly by children) where you run hell for leather towards the fishes ignoring all shells or pebbles at your feet.

In calmer seas you can just chill out in your ring soaking up the sun and relaxing. But in choppier waters enjoy the breaking waves and likely hood that you’ll go head over bum and pop your rubber ring.

Now to capture those memories with some underwater housing! I went for the Fisheye Submarine and for my first attempt, got some unexpected results. The water was a little murky and I mainly got snaps of strange light shapes and shaky rubber rings but of course it’s a Lomography rule to embrace the unanticipated.

written by beckyinlondon on 2011-04-12 #places #sea #submarine #sun #sand #spain #800-iso #location #fisheye-2 #travel-destination #your-favorite-spot-to-get-some-sun

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