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It’s always heartwarming to recount how one’s love affair with Lomography started. Our man Tom Welland tells his tale of passion and inspiration. Read on!

Credits: welland

I have had my LOMO LC-A+ since September and I’m still so excited for its possibilities. I say “my” camera it was bought for my wife and I as a wedding present by my best man Jake Dypka @DYPKA for all of you twitter users. I have already had a number of adventures with it, we first used it on our honeymoon to Thailand. I read through the massive book it came with and learnt about the different styles. I really shouldn’t have skipped the section about basics as when I went to collect my 5 films from the lab, it turned out that I hadn’t loaded the film correctly and out of a possible 180 shots I was reduced to about 5 that were processable. I was absolutely gutted. HOWEVER I did get the thrill of waiting for the photos to be developed, of seeing the photo I wanted, taking it and not having a clue if I had captured the image properly. This may seem strange to people who don’t understand Lomography, I don’t profess to understand all there is to know but I do love how the feeling of the unknown can be.

This wasn’t the end of my Lomography love though; out of the 5 shots I got back there were two in particular that wowed me. I like to think there was a little bit of my creativity involved but a lot was thanks to the camera, the location and my beautiful muse, (my wife). Lomography rule no. 8 – Don’t think. Something that struck me was that you don’t have to be a photography expert to get good results, feeling can come through in a photo. Be it passion, excitement, power, sadness any emotion I believe can be portrayed on film.

Credits: welland

I recently went to a wedding in France of a good friend and fellow lomosexual graphicinvasion and I got some strange looks from people when winding on my little black camera. I was at first slightly hesitant about getting my camera out seeing as there was a whole gaggle of digital slr’s snapping anything and everything, delete, zoom, crop all on the spot. I have learnt to welcome these looks of distaste and when I explain to people the power of the Lomo you find most people are excited by it. Whether it be because of reminiscing about the old analogue days or genuine excitement at something different, they were interested. I loved the shots I got at the wedding and graphicinvasion and I were swapping coloursplash flashes, splitzers and giggling at what results I may get from the 3 years out of date film I was using!

Credits: welland

I am an avid user of twitter and before long I found a whole community of Lomo lovers. I found everyone involved within Lomography was approachable and genuine. From this community I have picked up tips and have shared excitement at new photos, articles and general merriment. I now know lomographers in Asia, Belgium, Norway, all over Europe in fact and in the UK. We have an interest that brings us together but you soon learn that you have a lot more in common then you think. Three that have definitely inspired me to be adventurous and shoot from the hip (Rule no.4) are @hhhancock (Johnccc) @AmyLTaylor (squamy) @Norkateer (Norkateer). They have been a great source of advice, humour and people to aspire to. From what I see in lomography there are no experts, no premiership, if you have an analogue camera you can be great. No one is trying to be the best, there is no real competitiveness that you get in the digital world. I think Lomographers genuinely want to see the best results that can be achieved from a little Russian camera.

Credits: welland

There are obviously people that are better than others but I think that comes from persistence and learning from mistakes. Some of my best photos have been mistakes and I think most Lomographers will be honest enough to admit it.

This article is just an article of thanks to the people who have helped me, twitter, my friends for having these awesome events that I can photograph, my best man for buying us the camera and giving me a passion, my wife for allowing me to hog our wedding present and to some old Russian guy who probably never knew what he was starting!

Viva la revolution.

Ones to watch

Credits: graphicinvasion, squamy & johnccc

written by welland on 2011-04-06 #lifestyle #story #love #lomo #friends #twitter

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  1. squamy
    squamy ·

    What a lovely article! Thanks for the mention and kind words. See you in a moment on twitter! :D

  2. graphicinvasion
    graphicinvasion ·

    oooh I'm mentioned! I'm famous. Great article Tom and so true; I love the look of disdain when you pull out a Lomo and start winding it on. I live for that moment and makes for some funny portraits.

  3. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    I've been blown away by the twitter/lomography love, I'm still amazed that lomographers like yourself, squamy and Johnccc chat to me on there lol.

    I'm heartbroken about your 5 films from Thailand though... its so sad.

    I actually had my friend use my holga 135bc at a wedding last year (I was bridemaid so I couldn't take the photos, boo) and I personally think they were the most stunning photos from the day - I should put them on here really... the wedding photo you took in the aisle is beautiful.

    great article and hurray for lomography love!

  4. clashcityrockerkat
    clashcityrockerkat ·

    Great article, Tom! I do agree about the community -- it was one of the things that drew me to Lomography in the first place :)

  5. johnccc
    johnccc ·

    I will talk to anyone about just about anything . Nice to see my Fyfe photo in your ones to watch : D

  6. welland
    welland ·

    Thanks gang, much appreciated, I could of mentioned a lot more people. Its strange how something new and advanced like twitter, advances something old like lomography

  7. norkateer
    norkateer ·

    First of all I need to point out that it is an honour to be mentioned in this well written article! It is interesting to hear how people developed and treasure their love for lomography. After reading this, I really regret deleting my Twitter account. I even think I need to activate it again. I miss the gang!

  8. blormore
    blormore ·

    Great words man!

  9. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    This article makes me wish i had a more comprehensive grasp of twitter!!!!

  10. cheese
    cheese ·

    Great article, accompanied by even greater shots!

  11. lereile
    lereile ·

    beautiful photos and kind words! i also admire my lca, i bought it with my first teacher salary and i couldn't believe how happy i was!!

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