Making New Furry and Feathered Friends

Once you set one foot in Regent’s Park (or any other park in central London for that matter) they’re already there, watching you. An army of squirrels and pigeons watching your every move, analysing whether you might have some delicious food to share with them. And “share” in this case doesn’t necessarily mean you agree so protect your food well, and have your camera ready!

Both squirrels and pigeons are fantastic models for your action-capturing sampler camera. They’re so curious (and spoiled and greedy) you don’t even need food. Although they will like you better if you have some.

This is how it works: with food, simply stretch out one hand, hold very still and wait, then shoot the picture with the other. Without food, stretch out your hand with the camera, hold very still and wait, and then shoot as soon as your furry friend is close enough but before he realizes that the camera isn’t edible. The click-click-click-click will scare the little ones away, but only for a few seconds (or until someone with more yummy food comes along).

written by scorpie on 2011-08-21 #places #park #pigeon #location #squirrel #london #travel-tips #lcg #regent-s-park

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