Nacogdoches - The Oldest Town in Texas

Nacogdoches is the oldest town in Texas, when people hear her name, question marks raise. With a name like that, there has to be something special there. It’s where I spent my college years and it is truly a beautiful place.

Nacogdoches (NACK-UG-DOH-CHESS), Texas…home of the pineywoods, the oldest town with the boldest sound (with the lumberjack marching band), naco-nowhere..Nacogdoches has many names and many reasons to be recognized. I know her as the home of my college years, and where I realized who I was as a person. there was a lot of growing done for me in that town.

I first moved to Nacogdoches, Texas in the fall of 2007 for college. Stephen F. Austin State University, a few of my closest friends had moved there a few years before, and I visited them numerous times. The Home of the Lumberjacks!) second I stepped foot on that campus, I was in love. For a small town with not many attractions, I felt at home. I had left my big city in Houston for a town smaller than my neighborhood.

Everything was close. When errands used to take me hours on end, sometimes even all day in Houston, I could get done in a half an hour in Nacogdoches. Pine trees cast amazing patches of shade all over the place, leaving many places on campus to cool off on an extremely hot day. Some students even found themselves taking an afternoon nap under a tree.

The school itself provides enough entertainment. Every Saturday on a home football game, there are tail gating parties on the commuter parking lot. If our team wins at any sporting event, two purple spotlights shine from the top of the Steen Dorm (a dorm that resembles two batteries standing up)

For our homecoming game, we hang out at the student center where a band would play on the balcony, and then we would follow the marching and to the bonfire, where we would also shoot off fireworks.

In all honesty, there isn’t much to this town, but I loved every bit it had to offer, so if you are ever on a road trip going through Texas, stop by Nacogdoches. You’ll be glad you did! For more pictures, stop by my album for Nacogdoches! Go Jacks!

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