Looking for An Enchanting Place to Shoot at? Longing to Get Some Sun? POP IN!

Finally winter is over and all of us are reaching out for the long days of summer though spring just arrived! However – even my bright skin is getting some more freckles which is a wonderful sign that the sun is on the rise and on a good way of making us happier. :) Since nobody can stay inside while the weather outside is so dazzling and most of the people I know prefer to spend their time outside discovering new nice places or just relaxing at nice common places – here you get my favorite spot to get some sun. Whether if it’s spring or summer.

When I returned home from my studies, totally exhausted and pretty pissed off university, the first handling I use to do is to visit the ‘Dornbuger Schlösser’ ( “Schlösser” means castles in German) – an enchanting arrangement of three impressing, totally different castles from different time periods in history on a big rock above the valley I live in. And a place I’m familiar with since my childhood. I can assure that it’s full of magic that every Lomographer is longing for: diversified architecture, new paths to discover everywhere, an awesome view of the valley, great motifs everywhere and nature around you. Besides you can lay down the well-kept lawn if being too exhausted after a long time of taking a whole film of photos. :) It’s a quiet and cultivated place to shut down from reality. AND it’s a perfect place to get tanned for surprising your friends with your healthy, new brown or rosy skin colour after wintertime.

The ‘Dornburger Schlösser’ are placed next to Jena, a well-known university town in Germany. They consist of the “Old Castle” (destroyed in 1453 and rebuilt during the 15th century. Over the centuries it sheltered a textile factory, an old people’s home and a cotton spinning mill after being a royal palace). Second the “Rococo Castle” (great for light display photos!) and third the “Renaissance Castle” (built in 1504 and became famous for its most famous visitor – the universal genius best known as writer Johann W. v. Goethe who stayed here for more than twenty times romanticising about it). The last ones are museums and can therefore be marveled also for the interior. You see – a place to promenade back in time!

The photos you can see here are taken with my Diana Mini during a very sunny day using a Redscale film – nevertheless the castle looks great and magical!

So take your bag and your photo material and make a trip over here – we can get some nice warm sun together, counting our freckles! :)

written by lomiga on 2011-04-07 #places #castle #sun #landmark #location #architecture #germany #schlosser

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