Quiz - Who's the Lomofolio-phile?


There is a new bag in town and some swell sorts have been spotted with it. So who are these Lomofolio-philes? You tell us….

There is a new bag in town and some swell sorts have been spotted with it. So who are these Lomofolio-philes? You tell us….

Take a look at these pics and tell us

  1. who you think these people could be &
  2. what on earth they are doing with the Lomofolio bag?

Be imaginative with your comments! The most creative story gets 10 Piggy Points…

Lomofolio-phile Nr.1

Lomofolio-phile Nr.2

Lomofolio-phile Nr.3

written by ca-ro on 2008-05-03 #news #quiz #bags #lomofolio #piggies

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  1. katykate
    katykate ·

    Nr. 1 is definately a ballet dancer; and he uses the bag to keep in balance.
    Nr. 2 seems funny - I guess she's working for the secret service and she is using the bag to cover her SECRET bag with very secret documents in it.
    Nr. 3 hired the photographers for her birthday because she wants to feel like a supermodel for one day. The bag is the accessory that ensures everyone knows she's an it-girl.

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    I don't know these people but I can imagine some situations...:
    1) The first one is a crazy choregrapher coming back from an expedition in eastern Uzbekistan and inventing an new spiritual dance inspired by the rituals of this area and where the bag is the most important thing because it's there to carry your mind....
    2) Second person is a former spy of the KGB who just arrived to her home, but as she has her "super-natural" lomofolio bag who gives extraordinary powers and so she doesn't need to enter at her home through the door, but flying directly through the balcony at the 3rd floor...
    3) The 3rd one is a just an ordinary person going to take her metro, but some crazy paparazzi who don't know any star but needed to take someone in picture, just saw her and thought that it was Britney Spears, so they were thinking to make the scoop of the century to have Britney without any other paparazzi! "Great Job" they thought, "we're really the best paparazzi of the world, and all the others are loosers"....! :)))

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    oh, and n°"3 has her bag because it's the all day compagnon of her life and all her secrets are in safety there...

  4. jolojolo
    jolojolo ·

    no. 1 is definitely a yoga addict who can balance on one leg. he is using the bag to balance. no.2 is a mannequin without any facial expression. the bag is just part of the decoration. no. 3 is a random pedestrian where the photographers are lomo addicts who love to take pictures of random people. the bag is just a fashion item to her.

  5. jeepeng
    jeepeng ·

    from Nr. 1 & Nr. 2 pic i can see both of them coming from window and balcony, at least 1st floor or even higher. so i guess they can teleport like "Jumper"!!How could they do that? With the Lomofolio bag! What about Nr. 3? she's also a "Jumper", she's just jumped from the top of the stair and Adam Scott got her jumping picture!!!

  6. agrimony
    agrimony ·

    This is a musical called „keeping the balance with a lomofolio bag“, and the shots are taken while the dress rehearsals. All the people are the actors of this musical. The man in photo number one is Philomenus Straub, the leading actor and superstar of the musical. The fact that he can’t sing is not important, his charisma is overwhelming and lets the audience forget about every wrong note coming out of his mouth. On the photo you can see him keeping the balance with a lomofolio bag. It is the placard you can find all over the town. It is the reason why you absolutely want to see this musical. On photo number two you can see Elvira Marcetta, the female superstar. She is tricky and wants to disturb Philomenus’ bagbalance. She is a natural in keeping the balance with a lomofolio bag. She seems to be born with it on her shoulders. Insidious as she is she got Philomenus’ attention with her sex-appeal but all she wanted was to steal his good old lc-a, fisheye, holga and diana cameras and put stones instead of them inside his bag. Oh my god!
    But let us not forget about Maria Mart, the lady in grey. You can see her on the run on the last photo. She is the little helper in the background. But don’t underrate her! She is one of the most important parts in this musical. Can you see the lomofolio bag? You are completely right – this is Philomenus’ bag with his cameras. Maria knew about Elviras plan and she saved the lomofolio bag from her dark machinations. And surely she won the heart of Philomenus with her brave deed.
    And the moral of the story is: get yourself a lomofolio bag and you can be sure of a happy end!

  7. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    picutre 1 shows a man! ja, it is a man. let's call him atlas. he pretends to be holder of the world, but it fell down. greek philosophy students have stolen it and changed it with the bag.

    picture 2 shows austrians wannabe-ambassador right befor she will announce it. well prepared she has her scribt in her bag and is willing to go into the fancy light and is expecting the flashes of all photographers.

    picture 3 shows austrians next topmodel tizia, hiding for paparazi (mandi & adam scott). she nearly won the german version (germany's next topmodel by heidi klum) and is now heading to become austrians beautyqueen

  8. grenoouille
    grenoouille ·

    Picture no.3 shows controversial Austrian artist, Tizia von BarcK, who is well known for her works with cadavers, coming out of the Vienna tribunal. Von BarcK goes again before a court, but this time on charges of murder.
    Austrian prosecutors became interested after allegations arose accusing her of obtaining and using the bodies of 26 of her close relatives, whose death occurred in an extremely short period, almost simultaneously, and who suspiciously offered von Barci their corpse for her art!
    Amongst last February’s victims are 3 of her uncles, her ex-husband (see picture no.1: that piece of art was called “the bag stand”), her cleaning lady, her sister-in-law, her hairdresser, her artistic agent (see picture no.2 called “outdoor ashtray”), her dog Pushi, a plumber that made some repairs in her bathroom in July 07, the mailman that was working in her district, etc. And the list could become longer.
    Von BarcK has called the charges "absurd" and the numerous deaths “coincidental”.
    For more information about the artist and her work, see Von BarcK's last photographic exhibition "dead but classy - a post-mortal study on lomobag addiction".

  9. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    #1 is shizophrenic and thinks he`s a hallstand. His wife is taking advantage of the situation by treating him like he wants to.
    #2 is bionic woman (wife of six-million-dollar-man Steve Austin) just landed with a jump on the balcony, getting into the office to get her nine to five job done. In her bag she`s carrying her tupperware box for lunch
    #3 is a world famous celeb, only known in Vienna, trendsettter and society lady descendent. She is covering with the bag scars from her last plastic surgery

  10. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    On photo no.1 we can clearly see that the model is Heinrich Volkswagen, the former flight captain of Air Force One and personal friend of ex-president Bill Clinton. It's actually a very sad story behind this picture. After the Lewinsky-scandal the CIA decided it was time to get rid of the President to avoid further humiliation. Ironically the CIA gave the mission of poisoning mr Clinton to one of their interns. The intern prepared a cup of poisoned coffee for the President but failing in his research he missed the fact that Bill only drinks a special mix of Himalayan tea and goat urine. After diciplining the intern Bill gave the cup of coffee to his good friend Heinrich who drank it all in a gulp and suffered severe mental illness from the poisoning. Heinrich is now locked up in an institution situated on the top floor of the Whitehouse, hence the fancy furniture, and they even let him keep his uniform and the luxourus leather bag that he stole from Hillary after going insane...

    On photo no. 2 we see the actual first mannekin ever made. Not many people know that Adolf Hitler was a fashion designer before he went to jail and became obsessed with taking over the world. This mannekin was handcrafted by Leni Schwartzkopf and dressed in Adolf's summer collection of 1921. Pay special attention to the decorative white calfskin handbag which was originally meant to be part of the 1919 winter collection, but took over 4 years to complete and eventually ended up in this summercollection. The mannekin is since 1987 placed on a balcony in Vienna as a reminder to never trust a fashion designer...

    Photo no. 3 shows Miranda de LaCruz, international conwoman and master of disguise. Last year she seduced the Queen of England and managed to get away with her priceless collection of Persian handbags. The men photographing her are undercover cops posing as tourists. When Englands finest go undercover, they go deep. On the photo you can see how calm and casual Miranda is, totally unaware of the fact that behind the next corner she will be handcuffed and sent straight to Guantanamo for questioning...

  11. wilber
    wilber ·

    number one.

    After being left by his only true companion, the well seasoned children's entertainer fadio, Mr ishnine decided it was time to move on, picking up his bag. Hopping on the train, a tear of pure joy fell down his face like the time he met his true love Maid Fondue (Picture 2).

    Mean while Maid Fondue was involved in a hectic fight, her species the tishfidgeits were at war, an intergalactic battle over the last stock of film in the world, after King Rios of the universe discovered he was allergic to film he ordered it was all to be suffocated. A few rebels gathed all the film they could and hid it in every orifice to sell at ridiculously high prices in years to come and now the two multi galatic nations faught over who owns it. anyway maid fondue was a spy working undercover to discover what the opposion were going to do next and this week she found her self back where it all began, earth.

  12. wilber
    wilber ·


  13. wilber
    wilber ·

    Mean while Mr ishnine was pumping some iron in his right index finger as he decided to join the fighting forces, so need to buff up his (camera) shooting skills. whilst he was doing this his mind was wondering around the warm body of Maid Fondue. All of a sudden the photo gym he was working in was surrounded! and tweleve of King rios men stormed in

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" shouted number one

    "I AM mmmm Doing nothing more than exersising my right to shoot a camera, IT CONTAINS NO FILM AND I WOULD NEVER THINK OF DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT!" repled mr ishnine

    "Okay then we will leave you in peace" Number one groaned

    that was too close MR ishnine thorught so he dicided to ring the only person who could him Maid fondu.............................

  14. wilber
    wilber ·


  15. wilber
    wilber ·


    he typed the number slowly

    "Maid fondue here, speaking"


    "NO NOT YOU "

    "i'm sorry i didnt know what else to do"


    "WHAT THE!!!??!!"


    " oh well now your on the phone"

    "sorry must dash"

    "how come"

    "i have to ummm, i dunno, i tell you what i will ring you later to talk long and hard about how much i love you"


    "see you"

    Hanging up

    Mr isnine grabed his bag and jumped around his apartment for joy that maid fondue still loved him,

    then as he was leaning forward (as in picture) for a crazed trumpet solo he was shot from behind by Maid fondue, who quickly left the balcony she had done it from(picture two){sniper in bag}

    so what can we learn from this story

    that not only are we not alone on this plant, never trust anyone with such large boots, and alwayss just always rember to wash your hairy knee caps before you ever ever partake in any sexual activities with a camera

    live life with out regrets but think before you shoot any kind of a gun, it can cause huge embarrisment

    lomo on

    i got so lost in that sorry



  16. wilber
    wilber ·

    oh forgot to do number threee, okay so zoom back to the beginging remeber the childrnes entertainer, well that was her, and the reason she left was she was accused of talking lomographs of some children whilst they were eating cake and this was at the time illigal, so as she left her last ever party the paparazzi where there talking a picture of her poor lost soul, also as it happens she was King rios's daughter

    , so she is really pricess fadio, but she gets all embarred with that,

    nice one

  17. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Wow, you're really messed up Wilber, haha, did you forget to take your medicine again? But seriously, great story, I'm still laughing... =)

  18. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    and the winner is....???

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