My Favourite Spot to Get Some Sun


My favourite spot to get some sun is definitely BOSTON.

Credits: kleeblatt

It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world , that’s for sure. I visited Boston last year for the first time. After I lived in Philadelphia for a year, I really expected Boston to be full of noise and dirt as well (I love Philadelphia though!). People keep telling me that Boston is nice and clean and kind of European, and I was surprised HOW nice and clean it is in fact.

A lot of decent neighbourhoods and beautiful views wherever you go. To get around, take the bike or just walk. Everything is pretty close together. To see all of Boston you might wanna go on the “Duck-Tour”. Amphibian-Vehicles take you all over the city, even on the river! :-) It’s a lot of fun. To take a breathtaking view of the whole city, go on top of the Prudential Tower. What you see from up there is just unique! To see beautiful fishing villages, take a ride along the coast towards Maine. To really enjoy wonderful sandy beaches and NICE SUNBATHS be sure to visit Cape Cod. Go for endless walks by the ocean and then look for the really good restaurants on Cade Cod.

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  1. mvillarreal
    mvillarreal ·

    Really beautiful panoramas!

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