A Hermitage in a Quiant Street in Ermita, Manila

On my quest to find something to eat, I found a little bit of heaven in the busy streets of Manila.

One sunny morning, I accompanied my brother to have his wisdom tooth extracted in a quaint clinic somewhere in Manila.

So after so many hours of waiting, I got hungry and decided to grab something to eat. While looking for a convenient store, I stumbled upon a group of teenagers in front of an old gate. So I went close to them and saw that they were practicing a dance for a church presentation. Then I saw the sign “Ermita Shrine” I felt like God gave me a sign because the sun shined on my face as the thought “Aha! A new Lomo location” ran through my head.

A little information about the church, the term Ermita means “Hermitage” in Spanish. An old story claims that before, a shrine and hermitage was built on that side which was solely for the veneration of the image of the Virgin Mary named Nuestra Senora de Guia or Our Lady of Guidance. On the eve of May 19, 1571, an image on a pandan bush was found along the shore of Manila Bay the same date when the Spanish colonizers took over Manila. The image was believed to be miraculous and is still housed at the church.

And so the next thing I know, I was clicking away. I went around the church, during that time I think they were preparing for a wedding because the pews had white and blue cloth and some fancy flowers. Inside the church were various religious articles that showed some signs of aging.

Outside the church, there was a mini park that has trees with pink dainty flowers and some old angels. It’s a nice place to read a book, write, draw and of course shoot. I stayed for a while to shoot and to write while listening to laughing kids, singing teens and jeepneys passing by. That for me is a very surreal yet happy experience. Around the streets, there are also antique shops where you can buy lots of stuff from old stamps to tiny trinkets and paintings. I was lucky enough to score a stamp for free! I wasn’t able to take a picture of the antique shop and the kind seller since I ran out of film. :(

I got a lousy cheesedog sandwich and an odd tasting orange juice for lunch and I wished I bought an extra roll of film to shoot some more. But hey, I’m really glad I discovered a new place and my brother’s wisdom tooth was successfully extracted. :)

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