Carnival Party at I. C. Colony!


I. C. Colony is without a doubt, one of the nicest places to stay in Mumbai. The streets are lively, people are warm and conversations are easy to strike. No one is a stranger and everyone is a friend! Sprung around the I.C. Church and St. Francis D’Assisi High School, IC, as we all call the colony, seems to be in a perpetual state of partying all year round. But with the carnival celebrations this year, I.C. residents proved that they can put up an event full of pure awesomeness on the Mumbai Map.

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for 2012 that you will not regret – find the date of the I. C. Colony Carnival and attend it. It will happen some time before Lent in 2012 and I guarantee you, this will be an event that Mumbai, and some time soon, the whole of India will be talking about.

Having lived near I. C. Colony, with many friends from my school days living there, I have been a part of the carnival a couple of times. But this year truly stood out, in scale, spirit, enthusiasm and organizational skills!

The carnival celebrations were held over 2 days – the weekend of 6th March. There were 2 main attractions during the Carnival – the Float Parade and a concert by Bombay Bassment and Apache Indian!
The Carnival celebrations kicked off with about a dozen groups designing and creating their own floats. The themes ranged from ‘United India to ‘Cricket World Cup’ and some floats just promoting the need for taking life easy, togetherness, fun and happiness. The floats assembled at opposite Bhakti Complex on the Link Road off I.C. and went all the way around Kandarpada, Madonna Colony, I.C. junction and then all around the colony itself to finally end at the Venue where a huge party with awesome food, drinks and music. Soon as the parade was kicked off, the streets of I.C. burst into a riot of colour, creativity at its best and fun as people danced and sang all along the way!

The float parade had people not just from I.C. colony. There were friends-of-friends who had spread the word across Mumbai and people had come from Bandra, Mira Road and Chembur even, to attend this party!

The next day was even crazier! Apache Indian, the reggae-hip hop artist from the UK, whose music we were crazy about in our school days played with a couple of local bands and Bombay Bassment. While the bands earlier managed to hold the crowd in an intense groove, when Apache took the stage, the crowd of more than 3,000 people went ballistic!

This Carnival, I have no doubt, will be an event that the whole of Mumbai will talk about soon. I don’t think there is any place, maybe other than Goa, in India which has such a scale, committed people and just plain ‘awesomeness quotient’ in hosting a remarkable Carnival!

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  1. magali
    magali ·

    Oh I definitely want to come for the carnival!

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