Rest-A-While B&B: Middle of Nowhere, Alberta

An annual trek to the middle of nowhere to meet up with old friends, eat quality food, drink quality beer, and play quality board games.

A couple of old buddies and I have met up at this bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere occasionally
to get away from it all. We leave the sounds of the city to hear the sounds of coyotes and cows. We bring beer and board games, and we turn off our cell phones, ‘cause there’s no reception out here anyway.

It’s a tiny 2-bedroom house on a small farm that has been absorbed by a large farm. The pipes rattle, the
fridge hums, and the bugs tap on the single pane windows hoping to find a gap. Antiques abound, inside and outside of the house. The shelves are full of books and catalogs; the most recent Sears catalog includes an advertisement for an original Diana $1. June and Gus own the place and their only desire is that their guests would have an enjoyable and restful time. June bakes like a machine, and we always leave feeling a little fatter and a little happier.

Rest-A-While B&B is in the middle of nowhere, kind of near Castor, AB and Hanna, AB, but not really all that close to either.

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