East London Graffiti Walk Stop #4: Village Underground

Village Underground is an art studio and performance space, most notable for the two disused London Underground tube trains perched on the roof.

This is another popular area for street art in East London. The trains on the roof feature a constantly changing artistic treatment. In addition, the walls of the building usually feature large scale pieces of street art. On the side, where Great Eastern Street is located, you’ll find artwork in opposite facing “framed” panels on both sides of the street. Sometimes there is a mix of advertising and authentic street art, but usually the graffiti artists reclaim their space soon after the advertisements turn up. On the upper corner of the building, you’ll also find “Crunchy”, the world’s first credit crunch mascot, a sculpture by artist Ronzo. This is stop #4 of our East London Graffiti Walk.

written by russelldarling on 2011-04-18 #places #graffiti #street-art #location #venue #lcg

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