Falling in Love (with London) in Southbank


You can’t help but fall in love in with London through Southbank.

If you feel like strolling along the river side, laying on the grass, reading a book, go jogging, have a really good meal or a really nice cup of coffee or maybe you are a more into the arts, films? Or you are a busy bee and like to mingle with all the tourists lining up for the London Eye? Southbank is one of the best kept (not so secret) secrets of London. It is where you can easily find real Londoners mingling with tourists and nobody seems to care or bothered by all the hassle because it is a place to live, love and mostly, fall in love with London!

written by anafaro on 2011-08-22 #places #love #location #southbank #london #personal-story


  1. 77235
    77235 ·

    love them! south bank is my favorite part of London, now I am homesick ...

  2. anafaro
    anafaro ·


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