Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Somewhere Romantic to Cuddle Up!


The Globe Theatre is a wonder, a vision on the South bank of the Thames, founded by actor/director Sam Wanamaker. It is a playhouse out of time but very much needed in our time. Dedicated to showing performances of Shakespeare, it is a theatre of international importance not just for its historical reconstruction. It’s also a wonderful place to get romantic in a balcony!

The Globe now stands only a short distance form it’s original site, the original Elizabethan building was constructed by early 1599 and ran for 14 years. In 1613 during Henry VIII the thatched roof caught fire and the theatre in under two hours ceased to be. It was rebuilt but never used as much as it had been and was again demolished in 1644.

Without the Passion of Sam Wanamaker’s love for the history of the Globe it would not be here today, it took him over twenty years to get it constructed again, sadly he did not see it open, dying in 1993 only four years before it was officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1997.

Today you can take yourself back in time and sit like they used to, either watching a performance as a “groundling” or sitting in either of the two balconies. There is little risk of fire these days as retardent is of course used! Seating is on wooden benches so either bring your own cushion or be prepared to cuddle up next to the one you are with and hope they can be someone soft to lean against and cry on especially if it’s Romeo and Juliet you are seeing. The view and the atmosphere is spectacular and there is also an exhibition area inside where you can read about the history. Refreshments are available as well.

The nearest train stations are London Bridge, Cannon Street, Blackfriars, and Waterloo in that order. Bus routes are numerous, best to check TFL. The boat is also a very romantic option and docks only ten minutes away at Bankside near the Tate!

Check here for the best info and ticket details:
21 New Globe Walk
City of London, Greater London SE1 9DT
020 7902 1400

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  1. lamp
    lamp ·

    It's worth checking out The Swan when you're there too. Good food with great views:

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Ah, yes this is true!

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