Turn A Single-Use Camera Into A Fisheye Camera


It’s so easy to turn a single-use camera into a fisheye camera! And cheap ,too …

It takes only a couple of minutes to turn a single-use camera into a fisheye camera .
What you need is a door viewer . ( You can buy one at the hardware store .) It comes in two pieces and you only need the one with the lens .

All you have to do is fix the lens right in front of your camera lens with some tape as shown on the picture. Now go out and get real close to other people’s ( or animal’s ) noses !

The result are pictures that are kind of weird and really blurred !!!

written by kleeblatt on 2011-05-28 #gear #tutorials #animal #zoo #camera #tipster #single-use #fisheye #modified #self-made #dortmund


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  1. caromi
    caromi ·

    I love this

  2. minima77
    minima77 ·

    thats a great idea, might have to try that myself!

  3. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    zapped myself with the capacitor... OUUCH!!

  4. jonalon
    jonalon ·

    @robotmonkey1996 so did i! like 50 times! hurts like a bitch!

  5. llamasoup
    llamasoup ·

    what a brilliant idea!!

  6. pyropanda
    pyropanda ·

    haha! what neat and resourceful little DIY!

  7. brazillo
    brazillo ·

    Awesome! I will definitely give this a go :-)

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