A Carnival (Fisheye) Party!


Me and my friends went to a masquerade party in Milan on Carnival Day.

I’m not a huge Carnival fan, as I’m not a confusion lover. If you want to go to a Carnival party in Italy, you usually do not necessarily have to be masked, and it always ends up with you being the only one dressed up, with other people looking at you weirdly. I don’t like that feeling. Yes I’m shy. :D

A friend of mine, putting an Avada Kedavra curse on me

So, this year I’ve asked my friends to search for a “total-masquerade” party, and they found one organised by a group of funny guys in a Recording Studio in the centre of Milan. The main theme of the party was CARTOONS but other costumes were accepted too. Only 400 people were allowed to participate, and only if they were masked. That was good, because it created a very funny and surreal atmosphere!

Credits: scritcci

Me and other girls were dressed as Greek goddesses, my brother and 2 other guys chose Star Wars characters, and my boyfriend with 3 other friends created some really great super heroes-Lego costumes, cutting and painting a carton box and using a yellow bucket as a head: not-so comfortable but very impressive. :D

Credits: scritcci

I felt like I was in the middle of a Disney movie: I’ve glimpsed two or three Snow White (Her mirror too! A guy built a big, flat, oval structure lined with aluminum foil with a hole for his face), One Hundred and One Dalmatians and a Crudelia Demon, Captain Hook, many smurfs, but also “normal” people like bishops and several heads of State…also the bartenders were dressed as The Flintstones, and the DJs as Power Rangers. It was an amusing party, I think the Fisheye is the best camera for a night like this! (:

Credits: scritcci

…And they lived happily ever after!

Credits: scritcci

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  1. gaabi
    gaabi ·

    the last photo is very cute and romantic :D!!

  2. scritcci
    scritcci ·

    ahah thanks :) !

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