Tower Bridge After Dusk


Spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring again – always gorgeous, here’s a look at the famous Tower Bridge, after dusk.

There is something romantic about the Tower Bridge after dusk. No matter how many times you have been there, and especially if it’s your first time ever, there is something very special about its curves, illuminated by the gentle, colorful lights.

And the shadows are very playful. It reminds me of the devilish Santa Claus from Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas. With its mouth wide open, in a circle of bright stage light, it seems that the cars and buses are disappearing in his enormous swallow.

I love the reflections of the bridge illuminations in the river. I love the echo of colors coming from City Hall. I love to know that I will be able to come back anytime I want, as opposed to the spacey tourists, stunned by the bridge’s beauty. Poor people, they don’t know that using a flash would not help them capture this beauty. They don’t know that the flash only works for up to 3 meters, and instead of “them and the bridge” they would only get “them”. They don’t know yet that the only thing they need is a Lomography LCA+ which doesn’t even require a tripod to produce vivid colorful images, as close to what our eyes can see. It makes my heart beat faster when I think that, even without being able to preview pictures on the LCD screen, I know for sure that my Lomo pictures will be better than theirs.

I also love to stand for ages under the bridge, aside from tourist crowds rushing to get through the Tower’s gates, wandering up and down the embankment, and Starbucks lovers. River life is amazing! There are so many types of water vehicles, and it is so exciting to see them all together, navigating ancient waters of the Thames. Cruise boats, police boats, Thame Clipper boats, navy boats, barges, ridiculously fast patrol boats, and so on.

And I do love David Wynne’s Girl With A Dolphin Statue. It’s mesmerizing to see The Girl eternally flying in the air, with her perfect bum opposed to the Tower Bridge, and the drops of water ricocheting from her breasts.
Perfect place for kissing, I think. And much more private than, let’s say, the Eiffel Tower of Paris. I can never get tired of capturing different angles of this bronze couple. I hope to try the Lomography Spinner camera here one day.

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