RECAP: Flip of the Coin workshop at Lomography Gallery Store NYC - Gramercy


Ahhhh, a beautiful spring day in New York City – perfect for making Lomographs! On Sunday April 3rd, we tried something a little different and left our path up to chance, letting the flip of a coin decide which way we should go.

Participants were equipped with an LC-A+, a Diana F+, or a Diana Mini camera, film, a coin, and a spirit of ADVENTURE!

The instructions were simple: HEADS = Make a LEFT and walk 2 blocks, TAILS = Make a RIGHT and walk 2 blocks capturing the essence of NYC along the way – dogs, pigeons, skyscrapers, water towers, taxis, shoppers, flower stalls, fountains, statues, street art, or anything else inspirational!

Chances were taken, fun was had and new friends were made, and of course we have great Lomographs to show for it!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy
106 E 23rd Street NYC 10010

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  1. jhtci
    jhtci ·

    I like that someone brought a Hawkeye!

  2. bheirman
    bheirman ·

    @jhtci, yes I love mine i just had to bring it :)

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