RECAP: Shoot the Avant-Garde: Street Art in the L.E.S. of NYC

On Saturday, April 2nd, it was sunny and mild in NYC – perfect for walking around the city and taking Lomographs. This walking tour tied in with the 8th prophecy of the analogue future which states “The Avant Garde is Analogue.”

A group of eager Lomographers met up at our Greenwich Village shop, loaded up on cameras and film then we strolled to our fair city’s Lower East Side. Know simply as the L.E.S. to New Yorkers, this neighborhood is one of the best places to check out the totally analog & avant-garde street art scene.

As we meandered though the neighborhood’s small streets we kept our eyes peeled for the sometimes cleverly disguised works of art. All-in-all we ended up with some really great shots and enjoyed finding some new nooks in our great city.

Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village
41 W 8th Street NYC 10011
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