Lomo LC-A Refurbished: Ordinary Camera, Extraordinary Captures


This wonderful compact camera has brought millions going insane with its capability to capture beautiful photos in a semi-wide angle shots. And it has the most distinctive mark: the vignette that appears rightfully in every corner of the photo. Lomo LC-A Refurbished is always winning for the 35mm cameras!

Ever since I started Lomography way back 2007, I’m a lover and fan of the Lomo LC-A. The grandiosity of how this little monster takes pictures is such an awe to me. I always tell myself that if I want to keep memories of my life, I don’t want digital shots to out-win them but instead, let it be film! So here comes Lomo LC-A that can take wonderful pictures. Pairing it with either a slide film or just a color negative film, this little camera is a winner.

Who would not be in awe with its majestic colors? They’re all of saturated and punchy contrast pictures with dark edges on every corner. If you record your life through a camera, go with Lomo LC-A.

So around 2008 to 2009, I was searching for a Lomo LC-A in the market but could not find one until one such time I browsed over Lomography Shop and encountered Lomo LC-A Refurbished. What does it stand for? A refurbished camera is one that is supposed to be a deadstock item but a million thanks from the Lomography Team, they resurrected the camera and brought it back to life. Now if you’re a purist of the Lomo LC-A, you can shoot with this baby through Lomography’s Lomo LC-A Refurbished camera.

I ordered, filed in some few negative and slide film rolls, had it developed, and was awfully surprised with the pictures. They are all magnificent and the wonderful colors are just so punchy! “High contrast and relatively saturated” the Lomo LC-A Refurbished would tell you. It’s a great camera, really.

What I like about the Lomo LC-A Refurbished camera is that it works very well since it was highly tuned up by the Lomography Team. The ISO setting ranges from 25 to 400, with aperture settings that starts from f/2,8 to f/16. If you want to have the Lomo LC-A Refurbished bring its magic, set it to “A” or Automatic setting. Setting it together with the different apertures may only bring you a shutter speed of 1/60th second. In Automatic, the shutter speed may vary from 2 seconds down to 1/500 depending on how much amount of light is intended upon taking the picture. Located in the right part of the Lomo LC-A Refurbished camera is the focus distance setting which rages from 0.8m to infinity. For best results: use 3m if you are not sure how far your subject is. Also, try stretching out one of your hands while shooting. The distance of your camera to the tip of your hands being stretched is around 0.8m. You can take focused portraits with a clean bokeh background in the back.

Everybody loves the Lomo LC-A Refurbished because of Professor Radionov’s Minitar 1 lens. I read upon the Lomo Book that the saturated, color-loving lens may be due to the Baltic Ocean sands which brings up the magnificent pictures.

Lomo LC-A Refurbished is truly a magnificent camera and is the number one Lomo camera for me! :)

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  1. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    I really wish this had more than just two pictures.

  2. thewretched
    thewretched ·

    @lightofmysoul www.lomography.es/photos/cameras/3315210-lomo-lc-a-refurbis…

    There you go. All photos tagged as taken with an LC-A referb. :D

  3. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    I don't know why it has only two pictures. I remember submitting some 10+ photos with this article.

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