LomoMission 68: Your 'Worst' Shot Winner Announcement


If someone tells you that he has never taken a bad shot, he’s flat out lying. All photographers, from the greats like Ansel Adams down to a kid playing with a camera, have taken tons of bad photos. We’re giving them their chance to shine here!

Let’s face it. We’ve all taken crappy shots that we cringe about whenever we see them again. That’s one of the reason why we did our LomoMission 68: Your 'Worst' Shot competition in the first place. Sadly, most of the entries came without descriptions. A bad shot without a story is just that – a bad shot.

The Jury Says
Once in a lifetime moments ruined with a wrong exposure is certainly a pain but the important thing is to learn from your mistakes so that you come out of the experience bruised, but better. This shot certainly captures the essence of what we’re driving at!

Credits: yarnlass

“This was supposed to be the perfect family shot, with my mom, her mom and her brother and her sister (who all live far away in Wisconsin and we only ever see once a year, if that). But, in the film roll I had shot BEFORE this one, the sprockets of the film had not taken and so it came back from the lab blank, and I was heartbroken. So during the next roll I took, this one, I kept opening up the back of the camera to make sure the film had taken. Unfortunately, this shot was one of the ones sacrificed to my paranoia. On the bright side, I now can tell when my film is correctly loaded, but, alas, wisdom comes at a steep price.”

yarnlass certainly paid a steep price for the lesson she learned in loading a camera but it pays off today as she wins herself 150 Piggies! Congratulations!

Here are our Runners-up together with their explanation of their shot:

1st Runner-up 15 piggies | mephisto19

LabRat okay, guys…. this is one of my submissions to the LomoMission 68. you may ask yourself why i considder that shot as bad… the reason is that i broke my lca with my lab rat experiments! stupid stephan did not use a hairdryer to avoid the film from sticking inside the cannister so advancing was hard, rewinding was worse. it destroyed the spool inside and the rewinding knob… so i really need the piggies now to repair my lc-a… second thing is that the shot is no shot… it is a piece of film that was inside my camera but i think it has not really been exposed only been manipulated by the baking powder and the hot water….

2nd Runner-up 10 piggies | oceros

It gets really cold here at night in Minneapolis, so my girlfriend and I decided to stay in and try some light painting with our old Polaroid proofing camera. The result was… terrifying. While it seemed like it would be a cute shot, it ended up looking like her face was exploding and her jaw was unhinging. You can see one creepy eye popping out from the burst of light. We scanned it in, and the picture promptly disappeared. We can’t find it anywhere. Now we joke that we’ll wake up in bed one morning with the picture between us, watching us while we sleep…

3rd Runner-up 5 piggies | rav_bunneh

So my finger was on the flash. When you mess up with polaroid you really know you messed up! I was laying in bed at sunset and the amber rays of sun started to shoot through my blinds like golden lasers. Knowing the lomo rules I acted Fast because I had my camera next to me. Snap! I don’t think I saw the flash go off… oh no.. I didn’t! I look. I did. I had taken the photo with my finger right there over the flash. On the bright side you can see very small dots of the sunlight. Just nothing else.

For our winners, please head on to our new Member’s Benefits FAQ section for queries on Piggy Points and further information. Congratulations and thank you for continuously supporting our rumbles!

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  1. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    So bad...they're good :)

  2. takezzo
    takezzo ·

    these are horrible pictures... congrats :)

  3. coca
    coca ·


  4. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    congrats to all winners. :) great, oh I mean HORRIBLE pictures ;D

  5. nural
    nural ·

    great worst shots! But I totally get a few of polaroids just like the one @rav_bunneh has :))

  6. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    hahahaha congrats :D

  7. bccbarbosa
    bccbarbosa ·

    This are all soo bad!!! They shoud make an expo with them!! Super cool shots!! Congrats to all!!

  8. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    hey|! ..I don't like these pictures!.....hahaha

  9. phaliyp
    phaliyp ·

    congrats ^^

  10. dakadev_pui
    dakadev_pui ·

    hehe i agree with @superlighter

  11. yarnlass
    yarnlass ·

    This contest was awesome because I feel like I've gained something really positive from admitting I make mistakes. Thanks Lomography!

  12. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    thanks a lot!!!! :)))

  13. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    I'm a winner.. er loser? Winner! lol! 3rd runner up at the worst shot at least. :3

  14. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    oceros is really nice one, octopus face

  15. oceros
    oceros ·

    Sweet! Pictures are "great" and my creepy photo is still missing!

  16. basterda
    basterda ·

    Congratulations! :)

  17. bridgetj
    bridgetj ·

    This might have just scared me off light painting for a while.
    Congrats, all!

  18. blormore
    blormore ·

    Congrats everyone! They're all great bad shots!

  19. acidgirl
    acidgirl ·

    Congrats! is nice to get a prize for something it was a error:

  20. adamo-75
    adamo-75 ·

    Solid gold!

  21. graziosa9
    graziosa9 ·

    can we have another LomoMission 68: Your 'Worst' part 2 please? got selections to choose from!hahah

  22. dogma
    dogma ·


  23. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    @graziosa9 i second the motion. haha! congrats to the winners. :)

  24. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    all terribly gorgeous!!! congrats!

  25. mallorynox
    mallorynox ·

    the family photo really is the best!:))))) congrats

  26. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    umm if i didn't win the worst shot comp does that still make me a loser? congrats, love the funny stories ho ho ho

  27. raintanumadia
    raintanumadia ·

    congrats mates !

  28. yarnlass
    yarnlass ·

    Um, I still haven't gotten my piggies or award badge :(

    I've emailed Mr. Pig twice, with no response. Anybody else having the same problem?

  29. basterda
    basterda ·

    @yarnlass: Kindly check your piggies! :)

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