The Diana Black Jack


Introducing the Black Jack – a Diana F+ Clone

Introducing the Black Jack – a Diana F+ Clone

Black Jack is a player. He’s a character alright… both a cad and a loveable-rogue. The ladies swoon and the fellas take their hat off to him. Why?

Always dapper – Dressed from flash to toe in jet-black. You would be forgiven for falling for Black Jack’s slick appearance alone. He’s a looker with his distinguished silver details set into that well-glossed Diana+ shape. Unique in looks and Limited in number!


Hero of the moment. Black Jack’s success and popularity lies in the deft use of skill and chance. In this way Black Jack commands the Diana+’s natural skill for radiant vignettes and the talent of seizing the element of chance. Element of chance? Indeed. With Black Jack every moment prickles with the possibility of a winning shot.


Black Jack knows how to hustle a trick out of any situation dealt to him and always manages to come up trumps. Check some Diana+ tips and tricks.

Shop is excited to present the Black Jack Diana+, which is an Exclusive Online Edition. This means online Lomographers have the chance to get their hands on this camera before anyone else. As just a small number of Online Editions are produced, once they go on general release they are like gold-dust! So move fast before the cards turn against you!


Diana + and her Limited Edition Clones

There is something about the Diana+ that inspires dedication. Anyone who has shot with lo-fi Di and felt the caress of her camera-strap around the neck will no doubt agree. Hence we can’t resist your demands for new Clones to the Diana+ collection.

Keeping the Diana’s form and function, we create each limited edition clone to be unique in style and spirit. Every Clone is customised to have special details and that are different from any other. Remember the Edelweiss and the panda-esque Hong Meow? Now we are charmed to introduce you to the Black Jack.

Diana Clones

Each Diana+ Clone is special and for that reason produced in limited numbers. After they sell out they enter their place in the Diana+ Clone Hall of Fame forever! So get in quick!


Diana’s Little Helpers

35mm Back+

Telephoto Lens

Wide Angle/Close Up Lens

Super-wide Lens

Fisheye Lens


Rollei CN 200 – A Color Neg That Can Be Developed B&W Too

A colour film that can be developed as B&W as well as colour! What? The Rollei CN 200 is an unmasked film, (which means it doesn’t have the normal orange mask). This film really gives you the best of both worlds, literally 2 films in one! When you hand your shot film into your friendly developer just remember to ask for colour development or B&W. When you are shooting with Rollei CN 200 you always have an ace up your sleeve!


5-pack 20 EUR / 25 USD + get 1 rolls Free

10-pack 35 EUR / 40 USD + get 2 rolls Free

20-pack 60 EUR / 70 USD + get 4 rolls Free

30-pack 80 EUR / 90 USD + get 6 rolls Free

40-pack 95 EUR / 105 USD + get 8 rolls Free

Bundles of Diana Joy

Black Jack + Rollei CN Deals!

Black Jack with 20 rolls of Rollei CN 200 = 130 /150 Save 10/15

Black Jack with 30 rolls of Rollei CN 200 = 145 / 165 Save 15/20

Black Jack with 40 rolls of Rollei CN 200 = 155 / 175 Save 20/25

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  1. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    thats pretty

  2. icuresick
    icuresick ·


  3. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Black Jakc is on the cover of Snap Magazine, by the way.

  4. ndroo
    ndroo ·

    Nope ... the one on the Snap magazine is the Scarecrow Man camera. Argh! So many to drool over.

  5. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    oh I see, they look kinda similar.

  6. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    @ ndroo: they look the same... (and btw, "jack" = "scarecrow")

  7. ferro_ud
    ferro_ud ·

    I love it!
    if only I could use the 80 piggies you gave me to buy the book.

  8. wherearemysunglasses
    wherearemysunglasses ·

    Looks like the prettier sister of Holga ; )

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