Analogue Photography and Polaroid Cameras in Mutante Magazine

Mutante is a Portuguese online magazine. The concept, as the name says (Mutant) is about transformation and experimentation, something that we lomographers love.

Analogue pictures have featured in several editions of this magazine. “#3 – Black in White” features the “Série Pinhole” and in “#4 – City” there are some Fisheye and LOMO LC-A pictures, including my own. In the last edition, “#7 – Night” I also participated with an LC-A picture.

But the spotlight in this number is for the article “A Magia da Polaroid”, about an exhibition that shows several models of this brand. The exhibition “A Magia da Polaroid – Colecção Raul Cunca” was in Castelo Branco, Portugal, until 31.03.2011. The article is written in Portuguese, like the whole magazine is but I assure you that the fashion-style pictures of the Polaroid cameras and other works are worth a look even if you can’t read Portuguese.

Check out the Mutante official website!

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