Horse Guards Parade and Household Cavalry Museum

Many tourists have their pictures taken with the mounted horse guards every day but while you’re at it, you should definitely check out the Changing of the Queen’s Life Guard and the Household Cavalry Museum.

During the Horse Guards Parade you can get really close to the horses and it doesn’t get too crowded. For an amazing behind-the-scenes look at the work, the horses, and the history of the Queen’s official guards, visit the Household Cavalry Museum. They have a great collection of ceremonial uniforms, royal standards, musical instruments and so much more to discover. You can even see troopers working with their horses and sneak a peek into the stables! If you were ever curious about where the horses come from or why so many of them are black, this is the place to go! For me, a real little gem.

Horse Guards, Whitehall, Westminster, SW1A 2AX

Museum Opening Times:
10am-6pm daily
Changing of the Guard:
Mon-Sat 11am; Sun 10am
Dismounting Ceremony:
Daily, 4pm

Underground Stations:
Charing Cross and Westminster

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