The Creative Cheki 50

The Fuji Cheki 50 is definitely the best party camera! This camera has reinvented instant photography with its wallet-sized shots, easy point-n-shoot functions and its sleek, silver looks; it’s surely going to make the top of your list too.

The Cheki 50 has an intelligent flash and self adjustable shutter speeds perfect for just point, click, “shake it like a Polaroid picture” and beautiful shoots every time. I particularly love using this camera at night, indoors, outdoors, during the day … well come to think of it, I love using it anytime! I take pictures of all my friends and all the craziness that goes on when we get together so, the continuous shooting mode is one of my favorite features that always comes in handy. Another awesome feature is the self timer, great for those group shots that lets you get in the picture too.

But personally, the best thing about the Cheki 50 is the box set. I actually bought the Yone x Cheki Box set with my first paycheck from my first “grown-up” job (it was a present to myself for doing well :) Being the girly girl that I am, the special edition pink box set was perfect for me. Brilliantly decorated with artwork by Fafi, I’m inspired every time I reach to use my Cheki 50. So much so, that I always decorate my instax mini shots with doodles, phrases, or just whatever comes to mind.

This camera feeds my creative side instantly! And that’s why it holds a special place among all my Lomo cameras.

written by vtayeh on 2008-11-09 #gear #party #review #instant #instax #cheki #50 #mini #yone #wallet-sized #box-set #fuji #fafi

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